Zenaida Cellars Grenache Blanc/Rosé - 3+3 Pack

Zenaida Cellars Grenache Blanc/Rosé - 3+3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
3 Zenaida ZC White 2010 Cuvee
3 Zenaida ZC Pink Grenache Rosé 2010 (link coming)
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Is the Rosé also 2010 ?

It appears that this won’t sell out so this is not going to be much of a Woot Off.

I’ve called the powers on high to find out. Someone should post something soon.

Did Monkey Prize 1 have any Grenache in it, by chance???

15.6%? That’s an insanely high alcohol level on the rose. And what is it on the cuvee, that’s not even mentioned? (not that that information will make me buy this, I don’t like sweet wines)

Description makes me think '07?

Six bottles, nice
Half are Cuvees
Grenache the other three
From 2007 and 2010

Description says dry, I’m hoping thats accurate. If not it will make good gifts for my friends who do like the sweeter styles. The price is right to give it a shot.

Oh Lord. The Fed-Ex guy is starting to look at me funny, but I think I’m in for some anyway!

Isn’t there an Orange County Housewife that can buy this crap out so we can get to some drinkable wine?

Both bottles are 2010…

It is also a 2010. Unfortunately, our host Jason was told that this wine was going to be featured at midnight and go until 2:00A or so but was not expecting to begin at 3:00A. So, I think we lost him… regrets.

The wines are very dry, excellent rose for those who hate rose/pink wines. Best rose wine in 3 AVAs.