Zig Zag Zin Mendocino County Zinfandel (5)

The reviews quoted here from W&S magazine and the Houston Chronicle are not for this 2013 vintage. fwiw

Zinfandel is our first love, and Zig Zag Zin is no exception. This is a HEADY multifaceted wine:complex as MEMORY, simple as the weight of
DESIRE. Big fruit aromas of ripe raspberry, cedar and vanilla swirl from the glass, enveloping your
SENSES. The chewy mouthfeel yields flavors of raspberry, Pacific WILD plum, briar and white pepper.

Can you address the reason you are using reviews from previous vintages, heck I think the Houston Chronicle review is from 2004, to sell current vintages? I believe that is deceiving the consumer at best. Or correct me if I’m wrong please.