ZINUS Quick Lock Metal Smart Box Spring

ZINUS Quick Lock Metal Smart Box Spring

So are you selling the frame and box spring or not?

This replaces a traditional box spring.

What that’s saying is you still need to provide your own headboard, footboard, etc.

Seems to be a metal skeleton that takes the place of a wooden box spring… I assume it comes with the cloth cover to put around the metal skeleton, but that is not clear.
You would still need the bed frame or platform to set it upon. And the mattress to put on top of it of course.

But does it come with a bedroom?

There doesn’t appear to be any spring(s) involved here, just a metal platform on which to place your mattress.

Correct, no springs. It’s a platform for your top mattress.

I have this one. No it doesnt come with a cover to go over the metal boxspring/frame. We had to get the mat that goes under a rug so our mattress doesnt move, it didn’t move alot, but it drove me crazy when it would shift. Other than that we really like this. I was worried it would creak, but its silent so far. We have had this for about 6 months.

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