ZTECH Wireless Headphones - Your Choice

Bought this same one (I think) from Woot! a while ago. The charging port pulled out of the earpiece after the third charge. They worked well before they broke. Replaced with a $50 pair from Amazon and have loved them for months now.

How was the size of the pods vs. the apple regular apple headphones? I bought a different brand, and it was about twice the size. Couldn’t even get it in my ear.

I have big ear holes so they fit me. But many others complained that they were huge. I’ve never worn the Apple ones but these are significantly larger.

Absolutely! Check here :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased three pairs of these in the past, and am very happy with them. On one pair, the charging port did pull out of the earpiece, but all I had to do was push it back in and it still works fine. I like having two pairs with me when I’m on the go, because when one pair runs out of juice, I can switch to the other pair while I charge up the first (and the charging time is really quick).

In some previous offerings through Woot, I’ve read complaints about only one earpiece pairing with the phone, but you have to follow the instructions carefully to get both earpieces to pair together, because it is possible to just pair one earpiece (it’s a “feature”). You have to pair both earbuds together with each other first before you pair them with your phone. Then once you pair them with your phone, they’ll remember that they should be paired together the next time.

When watching video is the audio in sync with the video or is there a delay?

And where will customer service be when these don’t work either? Will you ignore them when they’re needing a refund for broken headphones too?
Still waiting for a response, for over a week, for my defective item!

Can you use both at the same time? The last pair (not this brand) I bought, only one earbud could be used at a time.

These are a very popular alternative to Apple, and get decent reviews from folks that really know headphones.

I have a pair and they are OK to me, but not great.

Still prefer to plug in when I can, damn phone makers thinking they are cool by removing that audio port! GRRR!

These suck they wouldn’t work in stern only one would work at a time the battery life sucked and the think broke after charging 1 time. JUNK

I think the pairing issue was a different brand of similar bluetooth earpieces, but you’re right, the instructions have to be followed carefully to make sure that these work together as intended.

I don’t detect any delay, but I haven’t been looking for it.

I bought a pair of the black ones and they sound great we will see how long they work on a charge

So I bought these and they are completely awful. They stay in which is nice, and they’re light, but other than that, they have no redeeming qualities. The left side does not stay connected and goes in and out like a blown speaker. Battery life didn’t last more than an hour. Low battery alert was twice and then they died. I bought these for running and they certainly will not work at all. I don’t recommend unless maybe you’re sitting for an hour or something.

These are about twice the size of Apple EarPods. They don’t fit in your ear as well if you have smaller ears. And one of my headphones broke because the base of it got stuck inside of the case…and that was the first day. Unfortunately, they weren’t the best for me.

There is a solid half-second-plus delay in the sound.

Worse, there’s a delay on sound transmission from the mic, too, so there’s a second+ delay between what the caller says and your response.

Watching video is pretty miserable; talking to people is nearly impossible.

I got my headphones and immediately charged them. I went to take them out of the case and the left earpiece had its charging port dangling there. The black wire was disconnected from the circuit board and there is no way for me to fix it. They seem to be cheaply made and I am not happy with them. I hope I can get a refund.

These are CRAP! Mine only hold a charge for 1 hour 45 minutes.

They fit fine in my big ears, but the charge didn’t last for more than 45 minutes on the pair I purchased. The second time I used them, the charge lasted less than 20 minutes. You get what you pay for with these things. They were cheap to purchase, so I guess my expectations were too high.