ZTECH Wireless Headphones - Your Choice

So I just received mine the other day…decent quality of sound; however, shotty craftmanship/build quality…i dropped one earphone on to my carpeted floor and the darn thing split open like an egg…guts (battery, wires, etc…) everywhere…of course i could scoop the contents and snapmit back into place, but what happens the next time?! Did people really ever pay thev full $70 for these? Cute design, mind you, but not high quality.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

How loud do they allow these to get? I need some wireless headphones to use when I’m working outside (mowing, etc.) and want to be able to actually HEAR the music that I am using to drown out the sounds of the lawnmower, etc.

I would love to see some reviews on these as far as sound quality and volume. I’m not expecting super high quality audio, but it would be nice to know if it’s clean and the bass doesn’t distort the sound.

Just wanted to mention that drowning out yard equipment with music is going to be dangerous for your hearing volume wise. If you want to listen to music while mowing, you should find headphones that fit under a quality pair of earmuffs. Set the volume to something reasonable before starting the power equipment, and stick with that level. (85-90 dB is max safe sustained levels) As someone who knows several people with volume related hearing damage, I can tell you it’s effects are quick and also permanent. Ears don’t heal.

I would recommend over the ear not in the ear for that

Just received the product yesterday. The ON/OFF button doesn’t appear to be working. The button’s LED does not light up. It’s supposed to charge the earbuds when the earbuds are place back into the case and it’s not doing that - no LED ever comes on and the earbuds do not get recharged.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Purchased these for my son…I thought for the price it would be a minimal investment. Glad that’s all I paid. They broke after first use. Very poor quality. Like another reviewer mentioned…did anyone ever pay full price for this product? Sure hope not.

These are the biggest piece of junk ear buds. The sound is decent but I can only go about 20 minutes before I get the “battery low” warning. They charge for hours and sometimes days and they still only last for 15-20 minutes. Useless!