(1, 2 or 3-Pack) mophie 12W PD 4,000Mah Powerbank w/Integrated USB-C Cable

(1, 2 or 3-Pack) mophie 12W PD 4,000Mah Powerbank w/Integrated USB-C Cable


At 4,000Mah you’re lucky to get a single 0 to 100% charge on your phone before it needs to be recharged.


I bought four of these about a year ago. They are very convenient. You can plug your phone in with the built-in cord and even charge it while carrying it in your pocket. It charges quickly. Not a lot of power, but it can get you through the day if you forgot to charge your phone.


Plug it into itself and you have a renewable power source


Yeah it’s hard for me to see the efficacy here. I have a power bank with over 20,000 MHC. I think 10,000 is a pretty solid minimum


If you buy a 3 pack, your paying $6.66 each for them, pretty cheap. One for the glove box in the car, one for the golf bag, and one for the motorcycle. In an emergency, you never know when you might need a quick cheap charge.


Stocking stuffers for the teenagers.


I have several of these and they’re really more about convenience than capacity. They’re slim and smaller than most phones; when you combine that with the built in cable, it’s easy to keep one with you and top up your phone in your pocket or while you’re holding it. I reach for these more often than other power banks that I have.


Considering that in recent news, Apple has finally “agreed” or at least indicated, thus far, that the next model iPhone will include a USB-C charging port, I can see grabbing a 3-pack of these as pretty “worth-it.”

Since the fire I endured and survived last summer, and then went online to regal all of you, with not a tale of woe, or poor me, BUT instead filled with lots of encouragement to pull the trigger on the 1-pack or 2-pack of First Alert Fire Extinguishers Woot had just recently put up online for sale, I have become very fire-conscious.

I still have nightmares on a weekly basis from that day that I’m slowly working through. You don’t want that.

For the record, no kickbacks, or thank-you notes from Woot.com or the Mothership were received.

It was those 2 fire extinguishers that I purchased off Woot months or several months before that actually saved me, my neighbors (!)), some of my remaining stuff, and the apartment structure. Not to mention our FD!

I have The Mothership however to blame for selling such a POC phone charger. They now tend to stick to selling mostly Mophie (like Apple does) and 2nd or 3rd (?) party chargers made mostly by Anker.

Anyway, my $0.02 here is basically this: if Apple adds a USB-C Charging Port, as promised, you’ll now have 3 new chargers. If they lie, which they might, then you’ll still have 3 new chargers, and if you just want to receive mail in a few days to a week, then I suggest you also pull ye’ ol’ trigger.

I would purchase Mophie Powerbanks over most of the no-name, no-information-available chargers the Mothership is still hawking.

Also, not to be the “Mom” or “Dad” here, BUUUUUTTTTTTT…someone has to care about all of our well-beings…so it’ll be me:

That said: Remember, now is a great time to check the batteries in your smoke alarm, make sure you have fire extinguishers-and that they are full (!)



These are nice, but they do not have the USB-A port as in the description. (These are the “powerstation plus mini” chargers, not the “powerstation plus” non-mini.) They have only the built-in USB-C output cable and a USB-C input port. I was looking forward to a charger I could use with non-USB-C devices as well, so this is a bit disappointing.

Also, the subtitle short description says that these meet the Power Delivery (PD) spec for charging; that’s also, according to the manual, only a feature of the larger models.

The directions say that the USB-C port is only for charging the charger, so it’s not usable for charging a device, which is too bad. That means that if the built-in cable breaks, the device is worthless. (It seems to be if better quality than the built-in cable in similar devices I’ve had, but still…) I tried using a cable to connect that port to my phone, and my phone charged the charger – the opposite of what I wanted.

On the plus side, 12W seems to be enough to charge my Samsung S22 Ultra even when I’m using it, so a long as the built-in USB-C cable lasts, this will be a very useful and very compact charger!

One last note: the ones I got came with zero charge. It’s probably wise to charge them immediately, especially if you intend to store them.


Hi there. I’m checking with our team. In the meantime, please rech out to Woot! Customer Service. To speed things up, let them know if you prefer a return/refund or a replacement (if possible).

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

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Please allow 24h for them to respond.


Customer Service took care of this. THANKS!

The description needs three small edits (deletions) to be correct:

• 1. Delete “Power Delivery” from the grey sub-heading short description.

It is currently:

(1, 2 or 3-Pack) mophie Powerstation 12W Power Delivery Fast Charging 4,000Mah Powerbank w/built-in USB-C Cable

I would change it to:

(1, 2 or 3-Pack) mophie Powerstation 12W Fast Charging 4,000Mah Powerbank w/built-in USB-C Cable

• 2. Delete “USB-A” from the list of output connections in the Specs section.

It is currently:

Output: USB-C, USB-A

I would change it to:

Output: Built-in USB-C cable

• 3. Remove the picture labeled “USB-C & USB-A Outputs.” That one is for the larger chargers only!

This is a decent charger for what it is, as long as the built-in cable is intact. And the price for a three-pack is GREAT!


The only thing this Power Station is missing is Robert Palmer.


Can someone from staff confirm if the multi-packs are wrapped individually?


Yes, they are individually wrapped. Just shipped together.


Lower power than stated. Maximum input from dead was 6 watts, maximum output is 3 watts.

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I have two of the similar (yet different) version of this with 6040 capacity and a lightning cable. It in spite of its low capacity is my favorite power bank ever. Charges fast, recharges acceptably quick, and is small enough to carry around and not be bothered. As previously mentioned it is not high capacity but it’s perfect for a mid day recharge. I’m almost ready to buy three but have no need yet for USB-C.

How much does your 20,00mah power bank weigh?

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*convenient and discreet

Update on these with information that might be helpful for some…

I use these to keep my phone continually topped up, so I never disconnect it except to plug in the car charger (since the mounting I have in the car doesn’t have a good place for the charger). Otherwise, it’s always plugged in – at home, I plug a charger into it to take advantage of the pass-through charging, which works well.

However, sometimes the charger turns itself off and lets the phone discharge. Chargers often turn off if they’re not charging something for a certain amont of time; I think that’s what’s happening here.

I was hoping that setting the screen to always on would use enough current to keep the charger from turning itself off, but it didn’t work.

However, I found out by accident that enabling the WiFi hotspot DOES keep the charger from turning off, which is perfect. So I just leave the hotspot enabled all the time. Which my iPad likes…

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