12pk Cottonelle ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper

12pk Cottonelle ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper

Not a BOC, but still something for crap.

$8.99 on Amazon…

$1.00 Cheaper on Amazon


This is a really dumb Woot Off item. Like for Realz!

May help after I eat the Tide Pods.


$8.54 on Amazon; once again showing how little research Woot staff is doing. How many woot off items are above CamelCamelCamel history? A lot.

Holding out for refurbished toilet paper.

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$6.22 at H.E.B.

Is this to clean up after a bag of crap?

Worst woot-off ever!??!?!

The amazon one is an add-on item… can’t get it alone.

Not the same one… the HEB one is a double roll pack, these are the big rolls. :slight_smile:

Not yet IMHO.

I wouldn’t say worst, but that’s only because you already did.

It’s too early to start drinking and this woot-off is making me want to take up day drinking.


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Amazon has been allowing Prime members buy add-on items without hitting the minimum, albeit they’ll be delivered on your Amazon day, not two day.

Welp, got this in today complete with a huge corner in yellow stating $6 (.50 per roll) preprinted by the manufacturer. Boo to you Woot!

I will also say (Boo to you Woot!) mine came in the same packaging with the preprinted price of $6 in the corner. I think I should probably blame the mother ship since it came in one of their boxes.
I know you try for disappointment and you succeeded! Thanks Woot!

But having it instead of running out is priceless. I’m fine with it. :slight_smile:

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