►► 14th BIRTHDAY CRAP - The Official Thread ◄◄

This here thread will be for any and all BOCs that you might get during July!!! You can post both regular and special BOCs here. Just let us know which you got. :slight_smile:

Prepare for

Gif courtesy of drgandalf

31 days hath…crap

New rule for 2018:

**Limit one bag per 31 days, per person. To clarify – you cannot have purchased a Bag o’ Crap in the previous 31 days, NOT counting the day you are trying to purchase. That’s Woot Math, and that’s our policy. **

Read more here.


With the addition of Free Standard Shipping for Amazon Prime members, we want the total cost of a Bag o’ Crap to be the same for everyone.

For this reason, the price is now $9.99 with free shipping for everyone. There’s no difference in the contents. It’s the same disappointing crap as when you paid $4.99 + $5 shipping.

Note: if you have other items in your cart, you will be charged the appropriate shipping amount.

Note x 2: It doesn’t count towards $5 ships all day. Sorry.


DENIED: We ran out of BOCs before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

CANCELLED: We ran out of of BOCs right further down the process and we had to cancel the order to reverse gears.

Canceling Duplicate Orders

Remember, I check for duplicate orders. If it looks like a duplicate, I will cancel it. No exceptions and no remorse on my end.


These are shipped UPS Surepost. That means that UPS may or may not hand off your crap to your local post office. For some whacko reason, they sometimes mark it as delivered even though it’s at your post office. It can also go for days without a scan.

Make sure to give it a couple extra days before panicking.


You gotta share. That’s what’s so fun about them. Join the community! Post away. Guess what you may get. What are you hoping for?

PS: It’s also quality control for me. :wink:

So remember! No taking your BOC and running off with it.

Quick & Dirty Instructions for Imgur!


and now on with the crap and disappointment…

Signature badges if you want them!

Regular Birthday BOC:


Special Limited Edition BOC:



Let’s get the excitement going early!

NOTE: For those wondering, the Limited Edition BOCs are not subject to the same 31 day rule. They’re a different product. :slight_smile:
Update: Limit one per person.

I’m on a roll, I can FEEL it!

Getting ready…


I do believe I’ll try to beat the bots this time around. I have grit, pluck, and determination in my heart instead of that worthless blood, meats, and gristle.

Now this is the best news I have heard all day!!!

How will the Limited Edition Bags be distinguished from the regular Bags? It’s been my experience that they’re all very limited.

The wang-doozles are on the left hand side instead of the right… relative to the affixed higgs-whoosons.

Every time I read this, I laugh, mainly because due to sales tax, I pay close to $11.

(Although last year I got one for $9.75 on Woots birthday.)

Totally a Tease:

“…that you might get during the July!!!”

I like that July gets a “the” at the front. It’s Woot’s birthday month so it’s more important than all the other months. The July, indeed.

I’m confident I will totally not get one of the 14-per-hour super duper special birthday crap but I will certainly be trying.

Haha. That happens when I reword it in my head 4-5 times while typing. Sigh.

Thank you! Best news I’ve had all week.

Do I need to call in fake sick to enjoy all the festivities?


This… https://www.facebook.com/woot/photos/a.395568328547.171118.278161243547/10156390448178548/?type=3

or should it be this…


Just kidding TT!! All in fun. :wink:

I am taking a much deserved PTO day.

LOL. Literally laughed out loud.

Hey, question regarding the Trailer Of Crap:

Will it be delivered, or does the lucky(?) purchaser have to pick it up?

These are in the first post of the thread if you lose track of this post.

Signature badges if you want them!

Regular Birthday BOC:


Special Limited-Edition BOC: