23andMe Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

23andMe Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

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I strongly discourage anyone from buying this test and / or providing your genetic data to any third party.

At a minimum, please make an informed choice: Companies and foreign countries vying for your DNA - 60 Minutes - CBS News

When you turn over your genetic data, you are authorizing this third party to do whatever they want to do with your information, and that is a REALLY big deal.


Privacy issues and possibly exposing family secrets aside, are these brand new direct from 23andMe or are they old stock getting close to their expiration date?

The kits contain a preservative liquid which has a 1 year shelf life. 23andme offers free replacement of “new” expired unused kits, but good to know if they need to be used right away or can wait a little while (eg. gifting).

I did this a few years ago. It’s interesting if you’re into genealogy.

I had to laugh about my son’s data though. It said that he was more neanderthal than 73% of the rest of the population. Hell, you just had to look as his room to know that.


Hi there. These are new and direct from 23andMe.


Just announce that you won the lottery - all your relatives will show up - plus a bunch you didn’t know about.


Hopefully someone can answer this before they come down for the night. But is the one that is $129 really worth the extra $30 like what more will it tell me than the first one. Like I see it says a year membership so what if something changes in that year it lets you know? I wanna pull the trigger and I’m thinking all I really need is the $99 one but just wanted to check before buying

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Haha, you want my genetic code and I only have to pay >$99! Good try, 23andMe. I haven’t drank that flavor of Kool-aid yet, does it taste good!

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NEITHER of these are worth it considering you’re PAYING to have someone else sell your DNA to the highest bidder. Hopefully I’m not too late.

You’d be safe without the membership…

There is not one person in America :us: that’s safe from anything. Hell the Large Medical Heath Insurance companies sell and share all personal identifiable information.
Btw do you know my Hero Mr. Edward Snowden???
When entire bloodlines are dead, if you have no knowledge of health disparities, diseases, or cancers that dealing with, or need yo know yo educate your children because your entire life was a lie these tests help with some answers hat your healthcare would rather send you to multiple specialist and still are completely incompetent. Genetic testing by your health providers could had made it easier because your already bring robbed on a monthly premiums payments.

I’m sorry needed this damn mask :mask: off my face while I am waiting for Doctor, and have been fully vaccinated since MARCH.

However a fully authentic story. When a person has had their entire family dead, these tests help.

Kindest Regards

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Absolutely genealogy is something i wish i had thought about decades ago

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Same. Didn’t start until the grandparents were all gone. :sob:

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