250 Movie Pack on DVD

I want the family ones, but how do i buy it?

How many of these you think will be worth watching? ten?

I was guessing it was going to be a total of 250 movies. WRONG! You pick your 250 movies of said type.



Price is 40 bucks per pack with shipping. Thats a hell of a deal.

Pretty tempted by the horror collection, but when will I watch them all?

Wait, what? It’s still 250 movies. Just of one genre… What the crap are you saying.

depends, do you consider yourself a shut-in? If yes, then this collection is for you!

These would be nice to have in your bomb shelter for entertainment after the apocalypse.

This could be freakin’ incredible. I mean, it is, but is it “I’m a student who just spent all his summer earnings on books and tuition and isn’t sure how to pay rent but I’m buying one of these anyway” freakin’ incredible? My main query is whether the movies are edited for length or not. Anybody happen to know?

i feel sorry for anyone who buys these. for $40, you’ll surely find more entertainment in 4 new movie dvds.

of course, if you want your kids to think TV sucks, this might just do the trick!

Woot guys: these RTF files for the lists of titles are a pain in the butt. It’d be really cool if you just converted them to HTML. No need for all 1000 to be IMDB-linked or anything, just would be much cooler than having to launch an external app to read them.

The horror pack is just too tempting to pass up. Now I don’t have to deal with all those chic, sophisticated, snooty people at the local dive movie theatre…

These seem like an awesome deal, I will prb get the western one for my dads birthday, and the mystery for myself.

Are there a bunch of fun extras?

Think of it this way, if you feel you’re about to fail your biology 101 class, you can just drop it before the time is up. Instead, spend the rest of the semester waist-deep in zombie appendages, alien brains, and teen lovers’ hacked and slashed bodies during that class’ 2 hours. You can go back the spring semester with a better understanding of what body part is connected where for your first new biology class. :wink:


If you can’t find 6 or 7 movies in the set, then don’t buy it.

However, out of 250, if you can find even that many, it’s worth it. I know the western pack will be well worth it.

Anyone know how the picture quality is? Yes, I know that many of them were bad to start with - I mean how is the transfer quality?

Select the “Western” button, instead of the other 3 buttons

It’s not rocket science