3-Piece Art Sets

I would consider anything you pay for and keep around for a while an investment.

Right on. I’ve had stretched-canvas “art” from IKEA for over 10 years, and each of the panels cost less than $25. If these came down to $50/$75, I might consider; as is, they’re way overpriced for what you get.

It can barely even be considered art. It’s a mass-produced reproduction–one step above buying a poster from the museum gift shop.

You bought a hair brush once, and you keep that around, i don’t think you consider your hair brush as an investment. I only “invest” in things that i hope are going to provide a profit, everything else i just BUY, but i won’t be buying these, like the other person said, this isn’t art, this is a poster suitable for a collage dorm room at best

I don’t know if I want one, this was on the Image Page:

About 3 Piece Art Sets

Three piece art sets are far more aesthetically pleasing than three piece fart sets.

Fart Set?

Agreed. The perspective is way off. The panels are much more narrow than the image makes it seem. They should also show a straight on view so you can really see what you’re getting.


Actual Size?

Is 24 x 26 the actual size of the smaller option? It seems weird that it is almost as tall as it is wide.

You should look up the word “investment”, because it’s not the same as a “purchase”.

If you’re going to trash talk, you should back it up with actual links to the forementioned bad quality reviews, and you should also confirm that they are from the same manufacturer. I search amazon and couldn’t find these “dozens” of reviews that I could directly link to this manufacturer.

The description for “Moon Rising” is for a different painting.

The actual dimension for the smaller, other than the David Liam Kyle set, is 24x36.

I’d just like to mention that each of these sets is, in fact, hand-made and hand-stretched by professionals using cotton canvas and high-quality wood. No assembly lines or outsourcing (as many art print companies do).

The negative reviews you’re seeing on Amazon for “Japanese Tree” are likely often for competitors’ products that are outsourced from other countries and clumsily made. We use an industry-standard wide-format giclee (a term referring to the highest quality of print reproduction) printer, which results in crisp detail and accurate color.

Damn sold out already, DAMNIT!!!

Ugh. That anyone would buy any of this horribly tacky “art” is absurd to me.

“Wow, I just adore your triptych screen-printed reproduction of a famous piece that was not originally in that format”

Consider supporting a local artist or maybe one on Etsy instead.

end rant

Got my Japanese Tree in today, the tracking number I didn’t get. The Starry Night still shows anticipated ship of last Monday, but still no movement :frowning:

On the plus side, the one I got does seem to be of great quality, better than I expected. Now if I can just get my Starry Night!

Got the email from woot saying my order had shipped. When I click on the tracking number, it indicate that shipment info sent to Fedex on 6-4 but no futher movement since…what’s up ???

Sounds like maybe the tracking has been created, but no movement.

I would write into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to help resolve the issue.

Same with me as stated in my earlier post. Mine is now showing movement.