3M MP220 WSVGA LED Mobile Projector

**Item: **3M MP220 WSVGA LED Mobile Projector
Price: $149.99
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Here is a good review from PC World


Here’s a PC Advisor review.

This item was discontinued on September 12, 2013.

Some additional info can be found over at bhphotovideo.com

Check put this overview [youtube=qzJlvdMo628][/youtube]

Looks like you need to buy extra cable to connect to your computer. It comes with usb cable for file transfer

65 lumens sound wholly inadequate but you’d be surprised by how bright it actually is. I don’t own this but I do own 3M’s projector sleeve for the iPhone, which only outputs 35 lumen. I bought it as a joke, thinking that it’ll be sitting in the closet within a week. I mean, who wants to have to darken a room completely just to watch a video. Well, much to my surprise, 35 lumens was bright enough to use in a room bright enough to read and take notes. And the image was about 9’ away. It was certainly usable for conference room presentations and maybe even in a small classroom. So it went from a toy to a business tool. This outputs almost twice as many lumens and offer many more options. My guess is that the output will be quite usable personally and professionally.

I suppose I’ll keep waiting.

I keep thinking I’d like to get a mini-projector for doing structured-light 3d scanning, but I gotta keep hobby tasks under a C note nowadays…

I am trying to find the cable before deciding to buy but impossible to find. It’s called 3m computer cable, bhp had it listed as discontinued. One thing for the projector to be old but for their standard cable to be so rare is an interesting fact.

Yeah, read this Amazon review before buying any cable. Apparently, the cable on 3M’s own site does not fit the projector.

I think this is the cable you need. SInce the title says that it’s “for MP220, MP180 and MP160,” perhaps any cable that works for the MP180 and MP160 would also work for the MP220.

For this model MP220, on Amazon, it says 2GB internal memory but the spec for this deal says 1GB. Can anyone clarify this?


Here’s a good review to look at about this product.http://www.trustedreviews.com/3m-mp220_Projector_review

You must be talking about this one: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_EU/EUMobileInteractiveSolutions/Home/Products/ProdCatalogue/?N=5002508+4294874478&rt=d Problem is, they don’t tell you how to get one. This sounds like a nice projector, and I’d love to get one, but if I can’t get the cable…

This one at least is handy:

Replacement RGB cable

Uh - why? This clip doesn’t tell you ANYTHING about the projector. And what’s with the sound? The whole pitch is a mumble. Unless you’re hinting at something…

Can you charge the battery while projecting? I know this makes it less portable, but if you need more than 2 hours (…yeah, long meetings) can you plug it in and keep it charged while in use?