4th birthday party theme?

My son’s 4th birthday is coming up in November. We live in Ohio, so it’s already crappy outside by then. Anyone have any cute ideas for what I can do or a funny theme idea? Pinterest is a lot of the same stuff over and over that everyone has already seen.

1st birthday -baby shark (no choice)
2nd birthday - “Taco bout a big boy!”- fiesta theme with taco bar
3rd birthday- “Ain’t nothing but a 3 thang” I’ll leave this one to your imagination

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What does he like?
It doesn’t have to be wholly unique (you can put your own spin on the theme) if you know what he likes. Give us a little background. Is he into Paw Patrol? Arthur? Star Wars? Frozen?
Does he like chocolate? Puppies? Firemen? Trash guys? (Like my one brother who had a Waste Management-themed fifth birthday.)

If you think about it, about four-to-six base ideas should give you/us enough fodder to run with.

(I mean, if he still really, really likes Baby Shark, you could always do a different plan for the party but reuse the theme… I’m one of 7 kids and we reused a theme a few times but we could always make it unique! Give us your best shot.)

If nothing else, the “backwards” party always goes over well…


Just in case that sounded weird, I’ll explain the “backwards” party (or topsy-turvy party):

You send out the “thank you for coming” cards instead of invites (put the correct info inside, tell them to wear clothes backwards), invite them in through the back door (greet them with “Goodbye”), have dessert first in the meal, have a photoshoot of guests in their garb, and/or with dressup clothes being worn top-to bottom (hats on feet, etc), for the photos to be printed and used as “Welcome to the party” cards to be sent afterward, play some board games (like “Sorry” or “Chutes and Ladders”) going around the board backwards (from finish to start), have a contest/game where people read a page of a book, but with the words in reverse order, a treasure hunt that all the clues must be seen in a mirror… etc. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try writing the greeting backwards on the cake or listening to some tunes in reverse. (Just not any suspect ones unless you wanna have a horror movie setting. XD)


My son is still not really into a branded “theme” thing yet. Which I’m super happy about. However, he loves water balloons, bubbles, his marble run being outside, and anything with a ball. The yucky weather really puts a damper on the options. His newest random obsession is ghosts, but we’re knocking that out with his Halloween costume.
also, should probably mention that significantly more adults will attend than children. I also would like to include some aspect that gets a stupid laugh out of people.

I love love love this idea! But, I think it would better for adults, as in fully embraced and exemplified.


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Fair enough. XD
It was a middle-school thing for us: some people that my mom knew did it as a prom theme. Very impressively done…

I’ll be thinking!!


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I hope you have a corntastic birthday!


This is my absolute favorite line from this movie!! Touché!

Seriously considering this! It is completely random and I would love the awkwardness of people wanting to ask why. Hahaha.
You just opened my mind to a whole new level of party themes.


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How about… a “FORE-th” birthday party? Get an indoor putting hole (For some reason, the ones I’ve seen don’t exist anymore?? Here’s some that look good and some are on sale, but you can find your own…)





bake the cake in a bowl and ice it like a golf ball or make it look like a green… your choice. Alternately, you could do oreo pudding cup "green"s (dyed coconut for the top), do meatBALL sammies, “Water trap” punch (dye it blue or whatnot- if you have ice spheres instead of cubes, that’s even better!) hang some of those weird waffly crepe-paper balls from the ceiling (white ones, of course), if you have golf clubs, you could use them to decorate… though keep them out of reach of exuberant wee ones…



Obvious Star Wars theme: may the 4th (birthday) be with you!
Games like: Pin the tail on the Dewback.
Lightsaber pinata thing like the floating training droid.


A whole corn-themed menu would be a lot of fun to plan out, because it can be sweet or savory!!

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