50-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan, Oil Rubbed Bronze

50-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Casablanca Ceiling Fan
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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This looks like a good deal… Anyone have one that can comment? I have two old fans in my open area living area that I need to replace / update.

Any info on whether this has a flush mount installation option?

Any photos of the other side of the reversible blades?

This seems like a good deal. The cheapest price I could find on it was $129.99.

If you are wondering how high tour ceiling needs to be for this, the manual says 8’ to 14’.

Product page and manual here:

My electrician told me that Casablanca fans were the best in the industry. The ones I looke at buying were much more expensive than this one.

If I liked this design, I would have bought it.

Only thing I could find online while searching for reviews were complaints:

Is this and INDOOR fan only? I am assuming it is.

I own this fan - installed in our master bedroom five years ago. This is a good price, I paid a lot more. Make sure you have an electrical box that is reinforced to the joist. I also installed a Hunter brand wireless control unit, which I picked up at the local big box store. It’s nice to change the fan speed without reaching up and pulling the chain twenty times.

Overall, we’re happy with the unit. It moves a lot of air at high speed, in our 12 x 14 bedroom. We run it almost constantly for about six months of the year.

To answer the questions above:

This fan won’t flush mount. I would not recommend installing this in room with less than 8’ ceilings, since it’s a big unit.

It is not made for outdoor use.

I thought this fan has a remote that controls lights, speed, etc?
Do you have to have additional controls?
I would be replacing a single light switch, so I won’t have separate controls for the fan and the lights.
Please advise.

This unit seems to be bundled with the wireless remote, which I had to buy separately (I bought mine 5 years ago). If you install it in an existing box controlled by a light switch, the remote will still work fine - you just need to leave the wall switch in the on position.

There are add on kits at Home Depot and Lowes where you can get a remote control that will dim lights and control fan speed. They run $20~$60, but read closely as to which ones can dim fluorescents if that is your bulb of choice.

They are not too hard to install, and generally much easier than running a new circuit for a dimmer. Occasionally I had trouble getting the remote unit into the carrier at the ceiling, but I am bad at Chinese puzzles too.

Right after you and I responded I saw the line “Includes full-function prime touch hand-held remote” which you more adeptly found.

This fan is a real deal if your ceilings are tall enough.

I did not see the exact details of how far it hangs down, or what the box cover looks like. I wonder if you could use a real short down rod?

I am wondering same, We’ve got vaulted ceilings. I don’t see it listed as coming with a 4" down-rod or anything, but it does look like it might in the picture… If the picture is accurate.

Looking at the owners manual from the link provided above, it does include a down-rod but doesn’t say how long. Just that a ceiling slope of less than 32 degrees will install fine. “Casablanca offers standard poles in increments of 6” up to 5’. Custom poles are available in lengths up to 10’. See your Authorized Casablanca Dealer for details"

Mine did not come with a down-rod, but since it also didn’t come with a wireless remote they have definitely changed the packaging contents. The unit hangs down 18" from the ceiling.

This is the same ceiling fan I own in all our rooms. They were the model of fans already previously installed when we moved in. The bedroom fans are installed with a dimmer light dial and a dial for fan speed with 4 speed settings. These particular fans make a lot of noise and wobble around a lot above the 2nd speed setting. Now I’m not fan expert and it could just be the way they were installed. But sometimes I need the air above the 2nd setting but can’t in fear the thing will break from my ceiling and decapitate me. Could be something that can be fixed though by reinstalling correctly. I’m not sure.

The living room fan though is connected to a single one setting light switch and the same 4 speed dial switch. This one gives us no problems. It can be cranked up to max and blow a hefty amount of air with not too much noise or shaking.

One con that I found is it doesn’t put off a lot of light as the glass ceramic like light cover is pretty thick and not a light of light gets through it. Our living room we need extra lights installed and placed just so it’s not so dim.

But everything else seems fine. I think my main issues are install or balance issues.

This fan should come with a 3" downrod. 8’ ceilings or above should be fine; lower than that and you would need to buy a low ceiling adapter. On an 8’ ceiling, the blades will be just about 7’ off the floor.

The remote control receiver is already installed in the fan (and is not replaceable); you would only need to connect 2 wires+ground at the ceiling. You only need 1 light switch. The transmitter comes with a wall bracket, so you can put it over the light switch (which you leave “On”). Don’t use it with a dimmer, and you probably won’t be able to use it with an aftermarket wall control/other remote.

This fan will move a lot of air. It should be pretty easy to assemble, assuming you’ve got a ceiling box that’s rated for fans (most modern ones should be).

I’ve never had a lot of fans in my life so this question may be a bit elementary. What does it mean by reversible blades? Does that mean there is another color of blade on the other side or that they spin in opposite directions?

Reversible means you can use either side. Usually one side has a wood grain and the other side is a solid color. Keep in mind you have to remount the blades if you want to reverse them…

I’m a little surprised they put this on the tools and garden site. If this was a damp area fan I would be in. How does an indoor only fan relate at all to tools and garden?