500TC 100% Pima Cotton Damask Sheets

I have been wanting to get a set of these sheets, but the only color I want for my bed size is not in stock. :frowning:

Percale or Sateen? I don’t see mention, but I do like the crisp feel of Percale over Sateen

These are sateen. Apparently we rarely run percale sheets.

I bought these last time they were up; and I really, really like them! It’s hard to find decent sheets these days, especially online.

Are the matching duvets for sale? Please please someone tell me that I glanced over them while scouring the site.

Not that I’ve seen. Wootstalker.com is good for searching our sales.

Do they wrinkle a lot?

Per the features:
Wrinkle-resistant finishing for improved softness and appearance wash after wash