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Wish I was up to get the two pack Sherpa hoodies for my husband size x-large, but they
Sold out
Got my husband and son the puffer jackets
Just hope they like them
But I am so tired these days taking care of our
34 year old autistic disabled son
Just Love Woot!!!

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{{{Hugs}}} Thank you for the kind words. I feel for the hard work you do taking care of your son. I worked in special education for just a little while and even that was taxing. I’m sure you’re a super mom.

Is there any reason for me to come to this site any more rather than just going to Amazon?

That’s a random and vague question that is impossible to answer. But thanks for the post.

Is there any warranty offered on the ninja products in daily deal today - they are refurbished so I am hesitant

Nov '20

@iamis Is there any reason for me to come to this site any more rather than just going to Amazon?

My turn.

I’m a member, not somebody important.

But my answer:

  • Woot! is always lots more fun!
  • Often less expensive, or even really cheap.
  • Rarely, but it happens, more of a challenge…

@ThunderThighs I am trying to buy the Snoopy space camp tshirt that is supposed to be $10 and it is coming up $19, also did the top 20 change from last night, as the PC one was in the top 20 and is now 24 thus being far more expensive

“Space Camp 82” is in 23rd place, which is why you’re not seeing it available for $10.

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Such a random thread
But haikus make life better
Let’s all eat some cake

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Well, I think you’re important, for what it’s worth.

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It was not in 23rd place when I ordered it earlier @froodyfrog, it was in the top 20 from midnight until at least when I posted about the price

Hi there. You’ll see warranties listed at the bottom of the features.

Not sure of the problem but Camp Snoopy is definitely out of the top 20 now. There are 2-3 on that page. Maybe confused two?

Nope, the top 20 has been changing/shifting since midnight. Camp Snoopy was in the top 20 (it is my favorite shirt and I also happened to be wearing it at the time) and the Snoopy episode 4 was not. At midnight last night the one with the old model computer was in the Top 20 but priced $19, now it is not and the Bernie one is

Am I the only one who has noticed that the offerings have changed in the last 16 hrs @ThunderThighs

So if it’s not a static sale, then I suppose that what’s happening would make sense.

Here’s the previous day of Reckoning (2/22) that had Camp Snoopy listed as new.

I didn’t see it so not not sure what to say. This top 20 launched 2/23 and ends 3/2.

@Krollig2 @Lady5tark Can you help?

It’s because the positions move around throughout the week as designs see sales. Yesterday we had a lot of activity so things were moving around a lot more quickly than usual.

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@Lady5tark how do you suggest I go about this the next time Woot does this? Buy them if they are the wrong price at the time they are in the “correct zone” or … ?

Well they don’t go away, they still are available for sale in the full Shirt catalog: Shirt.Woot Catalog

So you can still buy whatever you want whenever you want.

@Lady5tark - Could they maybe take a screenshot of the item with the sale price, while it is listed as a sale item; and then try for a price adjustment?