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I went with small fitted because that seemed closest to the actual shirts I have on hand using a large ruler. Hopefully it’s accurate to the chart. I used to hate the classic fit ones because they were so boxy. Now I’m afraid these are going to be short after reading through the other thread. Thanks for the info, though! I appreciate the response. Woot CS is already sending me the smalls.

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I saw the shirt coupon on the banner “shirty30” but it doesn’t work on any of the woot off ones because they’re not 15 and I can’t really build a cart because of the woot off is this as intended?

Only certain high-demand items like a Box Of Cats require instant checkout. You should be able to add a Woot-off shirt to your cart along with another shirt to exceed the $15 threshold to apply the coupon.

You do have to check out before the shirt listing rolls over to the next design, however.


I Love the new designs. Any chance gor a shirt coupon. There is about $475.00 worth I’d like to have but budgets suck. Coupon please.

I had the same problem, women’s new small shirts are too short so I get the men’s fitted now, in the medium so they’re a little loose but the small may work if you like them tighter. They are long enough to wear with leggings. :smiley: and they are soft, especially the heather.


I imagine it’s a no, but I figured no harm in asking. If one ordered something on shirt woot, could it be printed on the back instead of the front? I’m thinking specifically about the zip-ups. I’m really digging one of the “Shirts to Make You Successful!”

Already asked and answered - scroll up about 8 or 9 posts (the answer was “not yet, but they are working on it”).


Oh wow, great minds I guess. Thanks!

This should be the shirt of the day


Please STOP with all the juvenile, cutsie, childish, cartoon looking shirts. Did I miss the memo that stated that all shirts MUST appeal to those 5 years of age or under? I’m also still aggravated that if a shirt that appeals to adults does finally become available, one can’t get the graphic printed on the reverse side instead of the front.

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Cartoonish t-shirts SELL though.


Like Froodyfrog said, the ones they sell now are popular so while you might not care for them, plenty of other people do. If you don’t like what’s currently available, you can vote in the derbies to promote the ones you do like or even submit your own designs.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


It’s been a while since ive ordered some shirts on here. Can anyone tell me, are shirts still screen printed, or are they just run through a tshirt printer?

There are quite a few historic designs that i would love to reorder (as ive basically worn the shirts until they have fallen apart), but tshirt prints just dont last, and the pictures crack and peel after just a few runs through the wash. If the answer is tshirt prints, is there any way to go back to the more premium screen print?

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Hi there. We’ve been doing digital printing for a few years now.

Thanks for the reply, Much appreciated!

I might be going crazy but I swear I saw a black shirt with a rainbow goat in a pentacle and now I can’t find it anywhere!

Does this shirt exist?

I can’t find a goat but I did find a unicorn with a pentacle on it. Does that count?

@benwyeth, do you know the shirt they are hoping they saw?

Hehe, that sure is cute :slight_smile:
I am fairly certain it was Baphomet.

The closest I can find is a cat version:

But I’m not good at searching the shirt area. Maybe Ben will know more since that’s his thing.

If I had to guess the designer it would be glitchygorilla because this:
Colorful Elephant is in the same rainbow style.
If it wasn’t glitchygorilla, it was someone biting their style.

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