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I’m not crazy about your new system for looking at the daily specials and past shirts. I guess I’m old school as it confuses me.


Thank you for the feedback. Could you give me more specific information that would help us understand the issue?


Is there a way to submit t shirt slogans without the artwork?

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If it doesn’t fit in with the derby theme, then you’d want to submit it to be considered for a daily. :w_happy:

Can I just submit the text with no design?

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It is asking for me to upload artwork. I don’t have access to photoshop (or artistic talent). What would you recommend?


Oh, you do have to submit a design. If you have an idea but don’t have the graphic skills, you might ask another artist if they want to team up.

I’m a Newb. Where would I do that?

Start in this section. It’s the main area for artists and shirt derby stuff.

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Are you guys doing a random shirt sale anytime before Christmas??? I have been buying Woot Random shirts for my fam as part of our stocking stuffers for the past 6 or 7 years and it is a bit of a tradition now. We sit around and open our random shirts each Christmas morning and try to figure out the meanings (if there is any!) of each.

Don’t let me down this year!!!


Hi there. We don’t have leftover shirts like we did in the days of screen printing. We do periodically run a “first prints” sale which are from testing the design. It’s the good print.

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Is the t-shirt size chart correct? The shirts are much wider than they are long? And your smallest women’s t-shirt is 26" wide? Yet the long sleeve t-shirts (unisex, I believe) start at 18" wide x 28" long" and the women’s v-necks start at 19.75" wide x 27" long

I’ve bought several women’s XL in the last few months that fit and they are about 21" wide and around 27" long. What has happened with your t-shirt sizing? Am I the only one seeing this?

Good catch. The Widths & Lengths are swapped. We’ll work on getting that fixed.


By the way, it’s been like this for a while. I originally sent this question to your customer service on 12/23.

Yeah, looks like it happened on our last update. Thanks again!

I was just coming here to say this.


Am wondering, long ago I bought a shirt for gardening and cleaning my Koi pond.
The shirt had Koi fish swimming across it.
Woot called it, “Playing Koi”

Can it still be ordered?

Hello. I see two possibilities.

or maybe this one

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