Urban Painter

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Not the one I’m waiting for, but congrats anyways!

Yay! Was hoping this one would survive the fog!

Hope it’s there when mah trip is over!

I must be either tired or just not smart enough because I don’t get it. ???

I love this shirt!

Wow! That’s fast… :wink:

Congrats on the 2nd place finish!! Great Job!

i like the graphic but not the t color. plus not the one i was waiting on either… hopefully tomorrow!

YES!!! AWESOME! I am so happy this took 2nd. First would have been nice, but 2nd place is great, too. I love this shirt, the design, the color used on asphalt just couldn’t be any better. The placement just finalizes the awesomeness. wo0o0o0o0o0o0oT!

speed to first woot was -2.-093 seconds…wowzers

More asphalt. Could there be any more asphalt. Say maybe, Navy? I have one navy shirt. Out of the 55 or so (hang head in shame) I have 1 navy, 54 asphalt.
Good day.

Ha! Pym particles. I didn’t know Ant Man could paint…I thought he just grew tall and domestically abused The Wasp.

They cheated!!! I want a recount!!!
PS: Don’t tell my mom that I got this shirt, she gets mad everytime I’m wearing a new shirt and I just got 3 randoms

congrats on the print :slight_smile:

hmm that’s a new number

Yeah something was messed up tonight, the server was slow and everything took a while to come up, glitched out apparently. I got mine in 3.5 tonight but I don’t think it was counting right, you can’t obviously buy the shirt in negative time. If you can then you aren’t living on this planet or in this dimension for that matter. Who knows maybe w00t! just had its first inter-dimensional customer.

Hah! My first first! And at warp speed too…so fast I went backwards in time! :slight_smile:

Nice. In for 1.

Very cool shirt. Love shirt.woot. Always cool to see them in the wild. Seen two so far, one at a bar and one at a recent Toadies concert. F5 Cola, it refreshes you!

Nice design, but I want a t-shirt with the koi fighting a turtle fighting a penguin fighting a pirate fighting a monkey fighting a ninja fighting a zombie fighting a skull. Or maybe just a bird.