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Thank you! Found it! It was the first link.


Now it looks like the Women’s v-necks chart is messed up. According to this the women’s large in v-neck is 24" wide. Meanwhile the ladies classic-fit shirt is 20.75" wide, a 6.5" difference in diameter! Even the men’s large is smaller at 22" wide. Are these sizes for real?

If so, you are missing an opportunity - you should be marketing the hell out of your new “plus size” options! I recently lost 50 lbs and I know how much I wished you offered things in my size before.


Hmmmm, I’ll check with the shirt team. Probably won’t hear back until Monday. I like that it’s made in 100% cotton.

Thank you for the heads up! Until we can get it fixed site wide, here is the correct size chart for women’s v-necks.

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Thanks! Looks like they are the same as the Classic fit.

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I used to buy shirts here, I just can’t browse them effectively to have anything catch my eye. The pic of the shirt in the thumbnail is unnecessary and muddys the ability to see the design. The daily one always drew me in before clicking to collections, now I just scroll past them.

Hi there. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass it on to the shirt team.

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Any chance we could get men’s v neck tees ever? I don’t really wear crew neck tees or graphic sweatshirts that often but really like some of the recent artwork.

I miss the large design on the back of the zip hoodies with a small design on the left chest. This new practice of putting one large design on the front only looks good if you wear the hoodie zipped up. I usually wear mine open, so I’ve given up buying the zip hoodies. Thanks for listening.


This might be my favorite shirt ever. While it’s not a big secret or anything. Xmas & Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same, but man do I want it. Hard choice: tell the truth, or if you don’t have something nice to say, blah blah zip it. Hmm since I wouldn’t actually be speaking I may have just found my new Xmas shirt!! Bravo whoever made this gem!!


Have ordered 9 shirts. The stitching around the crewneck ripped the first wear of 4 of them! No longer convinced this is a fluke. Sad, because the design choices are always so fun!

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Hi there. Sorry for the problems. Have you contacted Woot! Customer Service?

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Howdy, the top 10 are supposed to be $10 each today, right? For some reason they are coming up at $19 each. Is it just me? Please advise! Thanks!

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@dfisherman Yep! This has been fixed!


@benwyeth Thank you!

It’s been awhile since I participated in the Derby voting and I’m not sure when the winners designs are offered. I voted in last week’s derby about superhero parodies but I never saw the shirts as the daily deal. Did I miss them?

Today’s shirt, The Pumpkiner, is labeled 2nd Derby Chump but I don’t know which derby it was awarded second place. Is there a way to view archived derbies?


Hi there. Voting is now Monday to Monday with the three winning designs will be featured as the Daily offers Tuesday-Thursday. Great designs that don’t win may be included in an Editor’s Choice sale on Friday.

“Monday to Monday”, do you mean each Monday is the vote? Because this mornings, Tuesday Oct 6, WOOT email included a link to vote. I took the bait, clicked got to the page only to be told to log in again. Did that, could not get back to the page. There was a “Science is not Fiction”(I might have paraphrased it) shirt I would vote for but don’t see the page nor the shirt.
I am not fluent in WOOTism so I must be lost in translation. Any assistance, advice, help or explanation would be of enlightenment.
Thanks in advance.

I thought I found the page to no avail. Because again, somehow I was logged in and the. I wasn’t, and the whole routine began again. Groundhog Day syndrome?
I did get a chance to find another page that explained the voting. Still odd that Tuesday’s WOOT email included a link to vote? What am I missing? Please.

Hi there. Here’s the link to the derby to vote. You do have to be logged in to vote.

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