Bundle Sale: 20 Classic Shirt.Woot Tees

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LINK TO THE BUNDLE SALE: http://www.woot.com/plus/bundle-sale-20-classic-shirt-woot-tees



Bundle Sale: Classic Shirt.Woot Tees
Price: $5 - 7
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Feb 24 to Wednesday, Feb 25) + transit
Condition: New


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I looked through these to find any made in the US and found one that I could tolerate. Added it to my cart and realized there was a charge for shipping. Only $5 shipping for a $7 shirt.
What a deal!

Charging shipping for shirts now…lolz.

Two questions:

  1. How stupid do you think we are? (golly gee! $7 + $5 = deal!)

  2. Why even bother continuing to call yourselves Woot?

I’ll hang up and listen.

It’s part of a bundle sale. Buy 1 shirt, and you pay $12. Buy 2 shirts, and you pay $19 etc, which overall saves you money when you buy multiples.

So I’ve decided on a rainbow of 5 shirts, one made in USA and the rest not. What are the changes that I will have 4 mutants?

Hear, hear, brother! The $5 shipping on T-shirts plus with Amazon charging tax in IL now = no deal!

Maybe the “bundle” deal should be something like this: Bundle includes 3 T-shirts minimum, free shipping.

Yes, not a bargain at all if you’re buying one adult shirt, and that’s disappointing since, for a special promotion, that doesn’t seem very Woot. Wooters are supposed to feel like they’re getting a great deal!

However, since I’m buying three — Two “Starcheology,” one for me, one for brother-in-law; and one “It Came Out of Nowhere” (someday the one I have already will wear out) — I’m getting a bit of a bargain.

Still, have to agree it’s a pity Woot has lost much of its great independence and sense of purpose since being swallowed up.

Great way to get a bunch of fresh t-shirts for a good price.

My “nevermore” shirt was too small for me now so it’ll be great to have one that fits. Also, I’m not even a cat person, but I already know that I’m going to be wearing “the time is meow” shirt constantly.

There are days when a bundle sale works out really well for me (like today, when I’ll be picking up several shirts for $9 apiece), and others when it’s no savings over previous free shipping deals. But it’s not like it’s more expensive to pay $7+$5 for a single shirt in a side sale than it was to just pay $12 for it in non-bundle format. So you either pay the same price per shirt as before… or maybe less.

Ok kids it’s time to do math.
If a shirt normally cost $15 is availible for $7 + $5 shipping totaling 12 is it a deal?
Two shirts go for $30 with free shipping and is now on sale for $14 with $5 shipping. Three is $21 + $5 Vs $45. so don’t complain that this isn’t a deal.

In defense of Woot:

Boo Hoo!
Woot doesn’t have a fantastic deal that I want everyday so I’m gonna be insolent! They’re different now. I don’t like it. Why can’t things stay the same for ever and ever? I want something for next to nothing every…single…day.WAAAAAAH!
Go buy your t-shirts in a store. Go out in the cold, get in your car and spend $ on gas, stand in line to check out. Buy four and spend an average of $8.25 for them. Go ahead. Enjoy Wal-mart, the experience and the quality.
I’ll sit here, clickclickclick, and have my stuff delivered to my door thankyouverymuch.

Quit yer cryin’.

Oh well. I thought it was 20 shirts for $5-$7, not $5-$7 each.

I was hoping for an old-school Woot deal, and found an Amazon Woot deal.

If this was really a “Classic” shirt deal, then all the shirts would be AA.

I would love to see the race for a cure or something shirt offered as a tank top. I would love to have it for running, but I never run in a full tee shirt.

You should never run in a t-shirt like that. You should only wear it when you are eating at a food truck, or at the doughnut shop or something. The irony of that will amuse everyone around you.

Get rid of the stupid videos on woot homepage. Pisses me off enough to not come back.

Do these shirts run small? big? 2nd question: What is “AA”?

Just got back from the alternate universe. Wha happun?