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Thank you!

I know its not listed, but is there a way to order the men’s shirts in a Tall size? For the people I am ordering for, I would need a 2XLT and/or a 3XLT otherwise they are way too short.
TIA for any help.

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Hi there. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a Tall option.

Ok thanks. I would love to be notified if that ever happens.
Thank you for the follow up.

Tried the women’s fitted shirt for a cute new graphic you had this fall. Extremely disappointed. So much narrower and the fabric is so much thinner than the regular women’s shirts. Expected they’d be a bit more form-fitting but not like this.

Hadn’t ordered any in some years because you’d had this problem with them previously. Pretty sure this is a different vendor from back then, as the older one(s?) barely stretched - this fabric feels nicer (softer and stretchier). Still - these are cut to fit somewhat narrow children or very narrow teens with skinny arms, or very thin women, not normal women. It was VERY narrow (though plenty long) and the shoulders were tiny. Junior sizes at best. Could get it on but it looked awful.

Also, the fabric seemed awfully thin.

Crazy that there’s such a huge size difference between your “fitted” and “classic” women’s cuts. Please rename them “junior” and “classic” to warn people.

Shirt I ordered was black, if that matters - sometimes the heather and black and grey are different materials and stretch differently.

Ordered another the next size up right after that (must have been really late at night :frowning: ), as I’d wanted one for Halloween; now that I’m typing this, I’m realizing I should have just gone back to the usual “classic” cut.

In any case, sticking this one in the back of my closet; maybe it’ll fit someday :confused: - I don’t really have anyone to give it to at the moment.

And why don’t you have larger than 1X for women’s shirts? Not my size, but I know plenty of folks who’d need the larger sizes. You go up to 3X for men’s cuts.

Hi there @ariellem! We just updated our women’s fitted shirts and heard from you (and other customers!) how they are small (even for fitted shirts). We recently worked with our supplier to introduce a better-fitting option! The “fitted” women’s shirts are still extra soft and light, but now come in a larger, more comfortable fit. Please see the updated size chart for the specific measurements.

I know timing is not ideal for Halloween, but please contact our CS team.

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Hi! Thanks so much for doing that. Will try them again in the future, in that case. The recently-new fabric definitely felt better, although as noted it was thin. Hoping the super-new one still feels as nice.

Please double-check that updated chart - the fitted widths are wider than the classic widths :confused: Maybe the columns got swapped?

Just happened to see the update on my order in my email, and it turns out when I re-ordered I did the smart thing and went with the classic fit in my usual size, not a size up in the fitted as I’d thought. So the one that’s on its way should be OK :slight_smile:

Is there any way to order a poster outside of the first 24 hours, like there is with the shirts? I missed the Notorious Tattoo poster.

Sorry, there’s not.

@ariellem the updated chart has the correct measurements.

We’ll have a longer run with our engineering and UX teams to address the language about fitted and classic. Rest assured, where it says “fitted”, they are extra-soft. And they’ll be fitted in the sense that the shirt fitted when you put it on :slight_smile:

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Is there a reason you don’t offer bigger size for us “larger than life” geeks? Maybe some 4XLT and 5XLTs?

A few reasons. Business decision: We have to buy blanks in large numbers to bring the price down so we need to be able to sell a lot. In some cases, the blanks we use don’t come in larger sizes.

The shirt team evaluates business cases periodically and adjusts as deemed appropriate.

Something to re-evaluate I think since many of your consumers are sitting at home not able to go outside most days and expanding their waistline day-by-day. Also, it doesn’t help that some of the vendors making those blank clothing items keep making the sizes smaller and smaller. :w_shocked:

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Are the men’s fitted shirts also super soft and stretchy? The new women’s fitted shirts are too short, they were just the right length at 28 inches and now they are almost 3 inches shorter. The men’s small fitted shirt is 28 inches so I thought I might try that.

Are the men’s fitted shirts also super soft and stretchy? The new women’s fitted shirts are too short.

Well, my “classic” (regular size for me) arrived and it fit just right, and I did wear it on Halloween. I need to remember to just stick with these, at least until/if I do more exercise so that the next size down would fit comfily. THEN maybe I should try the fitted (current regular size). All’s well that ends well.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this…

Is there anyway to start putting the designs on the back of the zip up sweat shirts? I typically wear them as a quick pullover and rarely zip them up so the design would always be split down the middle. I may be in the minority on this though, maybe normal people always zip them up?


We definitely want to do that. We haven’t found a foolproof way yet to get the human in charge of the printer to flip the garment. Not for lack of trying and we will keep trying.


Missed the announcement and ended up with 3 enormous shirts as I used to be a women’s fitted XL. Do you have the old size chart so I can compare and figure out what new size I need to replace these? I think I’ve somehow gone from XL to S on the new chart and I’m really irritated at not seeing any announcements for the size chart change.

They’re “the same size” :angry:

Hi, @halfjapanesegirl! We made a change to your “fitted” shirts in October; you can see the post we made about it here. The new one’s are the regular fit (but still that extra soft shirt you’re looking for). You might try the Classic fit tee (medium looks about right based on measurements); they’re a little thicker, but still a comfy tee!