Acer C720 11.6" Intel 16GB Chromebook

Acer C720 11.6" Intel 16GB Chromebook

“Google Approved - No Longer Receiving OS Auto-Updates as of June 2019”

For those wondering, this means that the device has not had any security or feature updates for a year and a half, and will not get any in the future from Google. If your intention is to use this as a stock Chromebook you’d be better off finding a newer, supported model.

With that said, you can turn on developer mode and unlock the device allowing you to install a third party Chrome OS alternative like Neverware CloudReady or a full Linux distribution like GalliumOS or Gentoo. Obviously Google does not support or condone those modifications, but they no longer support the device period either.

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Thanks for the insight. I dont know why a company like amazon would sell something like this. Break down the rules of trust.


Device went End of Life in 2019; this means no more security updates / bug fixes / etc will be released for this device. If you are looking for a Chromebook that will “just work”, this is not what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a Chromebook to tinker with and know what you’re doing, carry on.

Screen resolution isn’t the greatest, but is what it is at this price point.

Woot Staff: The EoL date should be at the top of the specs; it’s the single most important spec when buying a Chromebook.

@viriiman I believe the forum staff are off until next week due to the holiday.

@ThunderThighs hopefully you see this when you’re back. I agree with @viriiman, in the future it would be nice to see the support life at the top and highlighted on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, even those on clearance because they are EOL, if for no other reason than to minimize returns and support issues.

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Totally agree with those who say that the EOL info should be in flashing red lights at the top of the offer. It’s even more important now, when some schools have gone remote and parents who are tightly squeezed money wise and unaware of what EOL means might jump on this for their kids to use for remote learning. I can’t even count the number of email and phone inquiries I received from parents asking, “Is this a good device for my kid to use at home?” They may see Chromebook and think, “Oh, that’s what the school uses so I’m just going to buy one at this great price.”

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I think I like the concept of the Chrome OS but, since I’m only familiar with MS/Windows devices, I’m a complete newbie and just starting my research. If auto-updates generally expire in 5 years, and this refurbished unit was originally manufactured about 6 years ago, what happens if you powerwash this unit? Does it restore the original 6-year-old OS that was loaded during initial production or do you at least get updates that are “only” a year old?

"Last longer, use less power, and warm up quicker "

Is this a male enhancement product?

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There is no reason for an EOL Chromebook should be selling for $119, especially when I’m pretty sure this one has sold on woot for $99 or less before.



You’re 100% right and I’ve been asking for that (EoL date at the top) for several woot listings now. I would hate to learn someone bought one of these EoL devices for their child for remote learning only to be told it’s too “out of date” to be used for whatever that school district is using it for.

Right; so many people think it’s like a laptop that just continues to magically get updates when in actuality that’s not the case. At minimum, the EoL date should be at the top; if woot wanted to “go the extra mile” they’d put a short blurb next to it with what that means “in plain English”.

Eg. "This device is still being updated/secured by Google until [INSERT DATE HERE]. After this date, you will no longer receive feature or security updates to this device.

Eg. “This device has reached it’s End Of Life date meaning Google is no longer updating/securing this device. This device may not be compatible with you’re school remote learning program; if purchasing for this purpose please check with your school’s IT department before buying”

Maybe throw in something about why updates are important, but baby steps. Again, so many people think that Chromebooks are like windows laptops in that as long as they power on they keep getting updates.

You would receive the updates up until Google stopped supporting the device.

In your example, powerwashing the unit would restore it to whatever version of Chrome was last running on the device; it would not restore it to a 6 year old OS.

If you’re a tinkerer, some people buy these to load Linux on them as a low end linux laptop - those people don’t care about an EoL date because they’re not going to run the actual ChromeOS. Linux is just one of the OSs that can be “side loaded” onto a Chromebook, but that’s another story.