AcuRite 01512M Pro 5-in-1 Color Weather Station

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AcuRite 01512M Pro 5-in-1 Color Weather Station
Price: $112.99
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For $129 you can get the same system only with smart hub and app for your phone.


I bought one of these from Amazon. The fan that keeps the temperature sensor quit after a couple of months, meaning the temperature was measured 10 degrees high. The company replaced it and it has worked for the last two years, but the rain gauge quit working too.

I wouldn’t buy it again.

Hello My name is Jennifer. I am a Customer Loyalty Representative with AcuRite.

Hello Sandr,

We’re glad to hear the replacement part worked well for you. We’ll be happy to help with the rain gauge problem too. Please contact our AcuRite Loyalty Team at 262-249-3259. You can also get troubleshooting steps via knowledge base for your specific model number.

Will this connect to Weather Underground?

Hi micnorman,

This display does not have the ability to connect to Weather Underground. The 5-in-1 sensor however is compatible with our smartHUB (sold separately) which would give you the ability to view your weather data online and connect to Weather Underground.

Both my dad & I have a similar one, but it is not the fancy color screen, the older 01010W. I love the information that it provides, at a glance I can see what the “real feel” temp is based on humidity in the summer or wind chill in the winter. The only thing to be aware of is the sensor unit that goes outside needs really good batteries, they recommend lithium batteries specifically. If I didn’t have one already, I would probably get this.

How would this stand up to a marine environment(saltwater)?

The mothership has conveniently raised the price of that by 18 dollars now

Same one direct from AcuRite for $79?

The internal components are coated to provide protection from saltwater and other harsher climate conditions.

What you are seeing for $79.99 is the display only which can be added to any 5-in-1 weather station to expand to other areas of your home.

Hey all! Quick announcement: We’ve lowered the price of this item from $112.00 to $108.99.

IF you ordered at the earlier price, don’t panic! Your extra money will be back to you soon.


We all hope you have a great day!

Bought one of these from Amazon about a year ago. Very happy with it, except the wind speed is never above 26 MPH. We live in a very windy area and I know this is not accurate. My station is listed on Weather Underground and my wind speed doesn’t match stations around me. I even lubricated the anemometer but that didn’t help. If accuracy matters, I think I’d look for a different station.

Will this integrate with sprinkler systems (to tell it when NOT to water based on current rainfall)?

The display plugs into your computer and the downloadable computer software will let you connect to Weather Underground. But your computer must be ON 24/7, no sleeping on the job.

duplicate response.

Hello Abiosciguy,

We would be happy to help you with your wind speed problem. Please contact our AcuRite Loyalty Team at 262-249-3259.