Aduro SleepSounds Sport Headband Headphones

Aduro SleepSounds Sport Headband Headphones



A question: Are these Bluetooth, or phono-jack?
This may sound like a stupid question if you know the answer, but nowhere did I see mention of Bluetooth, but on the other hand, nowhere did I see any cable with phono plug on the end. I figure it’s got to be one of the other, right? But there is no information which.


I was looking for details as well. If it is bluetooth, then it’s going to need a charging cable and I didn’t see anything about Micro-USB or USB-C, nor batterylife.

Final picture of the listing:


(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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Got some answers.

These are Bluetooth compatible so they connect wirelessly with your phone or other device to play music, etc……

The headband is washable.


Love the look. Question rises if the area you plug in to charge ends up digging in while you are wearing. Might be worth a try.


Has anyone used theirs yet?

Got mine, packaging says one size fits most. Large heads like mine (dunno what it is in inches but approx 60cm), barely fit, and by fit I mean actually line up with the speakers. Thinking of gutting it and putting the speaker set into a beanie or something


Hilarious dysfunctional.
These seem like decent components, but the speakers line up right behind my ears. Kind of works if you crank the volume to max.
I guess if the battery life holds up I’ll turn it into a sewing project.

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Is it easy to remove and replace the speakers/electronics from and to the band? The last one I had purporting to do this, it was too difficult, and I just wrote off the cost as a learning experience.

And I have no idea what the size of my head is. I don’t have the equipment to turn it into a sewing project.


60 cm = 23.62 in. At first, I thought that was really high, but then I remembered that a softball is 12" in circumference.

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I have a huge nugget at 23.5"/59.7cm. I wear close to the largest hat sizes. I always have to get a L/XL in the closed-back (elastic band) style billed caps or minimum size 7 5/8 in brimmed hats. Measure your head with a sewing tape measure just above your ears all the way around and just above your brow. I hope you find this helpful.

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My headband arrived today — meh quality. Band is soft and large enough for my large pumpkin-shaped head, but pocket that holds the controller is misaligned so it hides the light that shows whether the unit is charging, off, or in pairing mode. Charging port is accessed thru an unfinished slit in the fabric — already showing tendency to unravel with just two instances of plugging in charge cable. Micro USB end of included charging cable would not seat completely in the charging port, so I’m using cable from another device. No info on ease of pairing or sound quality because you can’t use the headband while the unit is charging. Overall, unimpressed; would be embarrassed if I had given these as a gift without first examining them.

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I am going to buy a few of these. My partner got a pair for me in the summer since I can’t sleep without a show in my ears and he can’t sleep with the sound. They work great. As an added bonus, I wear EyeEco Eyeseals 4.0 goggles to keep my eyes from being super dry in the morning and these make sure that the goggles don’t move in the night, I just put it right on top of them.

Sometimes the little speaker moves out of place but there is a pocket where the speaker is adjustable so it hasn’t been a big issue for me. Even as a side sleeper, I have found that I can sleep with these on, and the battery is good enough that I can put VLC on audio only on my phone with shuffle play for my shows and set a 2h40m sleep timer and I won’t have to charge it until the second night.

For the price, they’re fantastic. I didn’t expect my first one to last as long as it has but it’s been 6 months and has not been a problem.

Oh and you don’t feel the wires or the plug unless you are trying to, it’s all rather nicely done and USB-C even!

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USB-C? The one I got from Woot was plain old Micro USB

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Are you sure you are talking about this particular product?

Charging/control box is mounted on the outside forehead area, so not a comfort problem

Same. I just chose one ear to align properly, and sleep with the other ear on the pillow. Good enough for my needs at this price point, but yeah…

It looks like it’s theoretically possible - There are slits in the fabric to dig your fingers into and go fishing, and each of the components are tucked in pockets stitched on only 3 of the 4 sides. I gave it a quick try, and it didn’t seem to practical, at least with my ratio of patience-to-dexterity…