Aduro U-Stream Home Streaming Studio w/ Tripod

Aduro U-Stream Home Streaming Studio w/ Tripod

Not that much more expensive from mothership and also has some concerning fire hazard reviews if you do a search. Maybe worth checking out before buy.


I have this one. It is what you pay for, for sure. The tripod is not too sturdy and the tightening screws for the legs can strip easily if you try to tighten it too snugly. Still… it is functional and it is cheap!

Ring-lights can be used effectively, OR show up in your eyes like round bright circles, giving you a look of someone in a horror movie about being possessed. They also work well for simple product shots, as in eBay items. I have this, or one with another name, and it is OK.

USB port powered catching fire?

Check Amazon first. It’s 5% cheaper there (with coupon) and you can get it right away. This is not a clearance deal!

It’s $39.99 on Amazon. With 5% off, it comes to $38. Not a huge savings but we’re still cheaper.

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I have one. It’s ok but when you dim it there is a loud buzz from the light that disrupts video calls. I would not recommend.

Junk. Mine was missing the nut from the leg clamp screw. It’s the same light that’s available all over Amazon for less, and the stand is cheap. This unit is not worth the clearance pricing. I’m returning it. There’s no way this thing was worth anywhere near the original pricing of $99.

It was in the mothership reviews. Easily found as it has a photo of the cable burning thru the person’s wooded bedhead. :man_shrugging: