Alien Tape Reusable Double-Sided Tape

Alien Tape Reusable Double-Sided Tape

Lots of youtube reviews… bottom line, do not use on painted walls, drywall, or with heavy items…

Funny how most negative reviews are for the tape working “too well” :laughing:

I’m going to try this for some exterior mounting. Hopefully the bond stays with our cold winters.

This is a good test video of the “non-alien” mounting tapes, including costs. LLPT looks like the price/result winner. 3M for metal -

Give this a look, a guy tests several. I think that temp will be an issue. Good luck!

Well if the tape doesn’t work out so well at least I didn’t pay full price for it and have 6 rolls to use on other ideas

I have not used THIS BRAND of nano tape but here’s my experience with the genre: I wouldn’t trust it to hold much on a wall. I hung several very light 8x10 plastic frames with it and had a weird range of results: some of them fell off the wall and others wouldn’t come off (because after 3 fell, I decided to remove them all) without pulling off paint.

OTOH I also used it to stick down a hall runner and that was a brilliant application. That runner used to slide everywhere.

If anyone feels like this particular brand might have some differences from other nano tapes out there, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Hmm maybe I’ll get some to stick down our slippery hall runner and when I’m done with that I’ll just stick my hubby’s slippery feet to the runner he complains about all the time. Voila! Two problems solved! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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