Alienware 512MB MP3 Player with 2.1 Boombox and Dock



Never seen this before…Any reviews?


is this actually as compact as those zen micros?


512 MB? i thought anything worth buying nowadays was at least 1 GB…

this seems kinda pricey for just 512…


OMG, could this be more expensive? wow. Must be one heck of a nice boom box. Gotta make all 5 of the songs it can hold sound REAL nice. Maaybe it will be in the next Bag-to-the-O.C. for me to cackle over with glee!


I know the Alienware brand is good for computers but I’ve never heard of them for MP3s. Any comparisons?


Anyone have know if this thing is worth the money?


haha, excellent product description… :slight_smile:


Sorry…Alienware was bought by dell and i am NOT getting a dell…

good night



The reason this seems expensive is because of the wee little thing next to the MP3 player, which is actually neither wee nor little.

Pay attention.


I’ve got to say that you can get a bigger mp3 player with better support almost anywhere else, I also have to pass on this one.


The reason it costs so much is the ‘boom box’ that is NOT to scale on the main page. The MP3 player fits inside the boombox, so it’s probably the sixe of a normal portable stereo. Doesn’t seem that bad of a price, but Ill keep my iPod thanks…


Alienware 512MB MP3 Player with 2.1 Boombox & Dock
$79.99+ $5 shipping

1 Alienware AW-8825DAP 512MB MP3 Player/FM Tuner/Voice Recorder
1 Alienware AW-88HUB Boombox/Doc


The description states it has a SD card slot so stop with the 512 limitation complaints.


Man for all this lag on the boards/site I figured more would have bought it by now… maybe the mp3 appeal is losing interest as the market gets flooded w/ them? It’s one expensive USB stick :slight_smile:

Either way, hope those that need it scoop it up. Maybe it’s just the alienware title that makes it so pricey, even tho I have to say the pc’s they make are good just a question of if you are paying more than you really got…


Too bad I bought that other MP3 player recently that took sd mem. I like this one more but don’t need another. G’night


The bigger image looks like its about to take off.


This item would be great for my cruise. plus it has an expansion card. Does anyone know what the max memory card that can be used on this thing?


Nah. should be at least 1GB to even look into.

I’d prefer a 10gb player for $80, but im strange


Wait, if it isn’t ‘wee’, is it ‘not-so-wee’ or is it ‘frickin huge?’