All Season Beam Wiper Blade

Rubber breaks down over time just exposed to being on the shelf or tucked away in a stock room. It would be nice to know the manufacture date of these blades so 3 months from now, when they are hard and skip across the windshield during a drizzle, we would know to buy extra replacements.

My VW came with ICON’s and lasted over year. My first set of Evolution replacements lasted through spring and summer, fall, had to replace them as they got hard and skipped too much. FWIW…

Bought these last time around… still working well.

Bought these last time around. All they did was chatter on my windshield. Threw them away after a month and got a good pair of DuraLast wipers at AutoZone.

Sounds like you had some hard dried out, old stock blades sent to you.

Willing to give these a shot for the price. Been needing new blades since 2012… just started failing on me so yeah. I have pretty good luck with wipers.

Bought these last time for several vehicles. Half don’t seem to seat properly and slide slightly out of place back up the wiper arm a bit. They don’t slide completely off the wiper arm (they are functional), but they don’t lock in like they should. Also this causes the plastic cap cover to snap open.
Yes, I bought the right size. Yes, they were installed properly.

I love my Icons!! They have held up well. I was wondering about the Revolutions. Thanks for the info.

only 5? why not 6? I want to equip all 3 of my cars, thats 6 blades… Bummer…

We can, most often, oblige on quantity limit changes, but this time it’s on the vendor. Sorry. :confused:

Maybe if you have a friend or family member with a Woot account, they’d be willing to get a 3rd pair or the 6th blade for you.

A little shopping music…


I wish i had some friends :frowning: Way to go woot, I come here to get away from my lonely existence and wipe my tears away (with these new Bosch Evolution blades) and I get reminded of how my life is worthless and has no meaning.

I was also less than impressed. They fit well, but they just don’t clean the windshield well. For the price they’re decent, but I’m pretty obsessive about good wiper blades. These are chattery and streaky, at least mine were at first. I don’t think I’d recommend them unless somebody just flat out refused to buy more expensive ones. In that case I’d try to stay well away from that person in inclement weather.

Because Amazon needs your money and you pay another $5 shipping, in addition to Tax.

For a person in need of one of two blade, the shipping fee is a total deal breaker.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Only 5 fit in the shipping box. Hence the limit.

Also, for April, it’s $5 shipping all month. Once you place your first order and pay the $5 shipping, no more shipping charges for the rest of the month.


Bought these for both cars last time they were offered. They work like a charm. I put 'em on while it was still snowy and icy; no problem. I just wish we’d get a little more rain so I could use 'em more often. Very happy with them.

I have Evolution on both trucks (Tacoma and Durango) and they work great. I’m hoping that the replacements, especially at this price, work just as well.

I need a 14" blade and a 28" blade for my Elantra. Can I buy 2 28" blades and cut one in half? :wink:

Just cut the windshield in half, it’s more illogical.

oooohhhh… light dawns