Altec Lansing MuzxDNA Headphones

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Altec Lansing MuzxDNA Headphones
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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$10 + Shipping on Amazon. Most reviewers happy.

Some free music while you wait for the junk to pass…

Provided by yours truly.


Yep! Good deal!

Best Buy selling them for $20. Not bad.

10.00 over at amazon

Way overpriced…

$10 on amazon 4 star review avg

DNA= Dont need audio,distorts nearly always,does not amplify, damn near awful

Yep, I give it under 5 minutes if that.

these awful headphones do to your music what Altec Lansing’s product marketers did to the English language.

Better or worse than Apple’s earbuds? Price would seem to suggest worse.

Awh heck, I’ve got a free shipping code. I’ll go for it.

Why doesn’t the bag of crap game work ?

Good deal, in for one.

I’m sure they’re fine for backups or when mowing the yard, but don’t look for great sound. Pretty sure iPod standard earbuds beat these, from the reviews I’m seeing, which doesn’t say much for them musically.

I bought three the last time woot had them. Best item I ever bought from woot. I’m going to stik them my ears right now…

Most likely better in terms of comfort since most people find apple earbuds uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Probably around the same audio quality with a little better bass from the Altecs.

Will these make Avril Lavigne music better because that shot sucks!