Amazon Echo Show (1st Generation)

Amazon Echo Show (1st Generation)

The trade-ins never cease at Mother Amazon… Gotta sell new devices after all, and what better way to grease the wallet hinges?!?

Note: in good operating and visual condition, Amazon credits $30, vs this $35 Woot price, for a trade-in. That’s pretty low risk if you later decide you don’t like it.

And I’ve found Woot Customer Service to be pretty helpful if the item turns out to be defective or not as advertised.


Yeah I’m definitely satisfied with my $35 purchase of this device. It has nice front-facing speakers and I also looked into the trade-in value before I purchased it as you did.

Certainly worth more than the new echo show 8 which they’re charging $130 for.

It’s comfortably loud to the echo show 8 from 2019 which I do own. I think they have the same driver sizes.

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I see Alexa “first generation,” “third generation.” etc. I wonder:

Is there anything that a first generation device can’t do that a newer generation can do?

I have several generations of Echo devices, but I have yet to see any real difference in them when in everyday use.