Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player with 2nd Gen Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Cube Media Player with 2nd Gen Alexa Voice Remote

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I’ve never been able to convince myself to buy one of these FireTV Cubes. We have Fire 4K sticks, Shows, and various other Echo devices.

How does the sound quality of the speaker compare to a 3rd Gen Dot?

Is the hands free voice control of the TV that handy and functional vs the Stick voice remote?

I really enjoy the functionality of the FireTV cube. It has ethernet, and an Infrared transmitter so it can control on/off of devices. I can just say “Alexa, Movie time” and it fires up my projector and all of the other components. You can also have it play shows across various streaming apps hands free without having to use the remote voice search. The speaker quality isn’t any better than an Echo Dot, but that’s not really what it’s meant to be used for. It’s meant to control a speaker system.

However, I would absolutely NOT buy this Generation 1 FireTV cube again. For whatever reason, they drastically underpowered the first generation of these, it’s the slowest FireTV device we own, and its really frustrating. The second generation FireTV cube has over 2x the processing power. Here is a chart that shows the benchmark performance of all the FireTV devices.



  1. We already have the TV/AVR remotes with our 4K sticks so they turn on the TV and AVR and control volume.

  2. I should have been more clear - is the speaker at least equivalent quality or better vs the 3rd Gen Dot? Equivalent sound quality to the 2nd Gen Dot would not be acceptable.

  3. Sounds like the processor issue is the same reason to avoid the regular non-4K stick even if you could care less about 4K streams. The 4K version has snappier performance.

So the Cube remains a questionable buy vs a 4K FireTV stick. I’m not even seeing compelling support for the 2nd Gen Cube.

I have first gen cube. I don’t use it for the sound quality. I have an echo for that. I fell like the cube is snappy enough for watching TV. Oddly, it also lets me use my universal remote (IR) to control it, even to navigate all the options. The only limitation of the cube is that it won’t switch to my PS4 when I tell it to. I guess because it can’t see the right kind of signal.