Amazon Key Cloud Cam Smart Lock Kit

Amazon Key Cloud Cam Smart Lock Kit

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So have the major security issues with Amazon Key and Cloud Cam been fixed yet?


If I don’t care about the “Key” part of this, I only care about the smart lock.
Will the Kwikset lock work with a phone app on its own without the camera and Amazon Key service?

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I have a different model but it does require Amazon key to function. I don’t find it to be a big deal and I don’t use the delivery service or have the cam.

Edit: When I say function I mean with your phone. Codes and all that will work locally without phone.

I don’t understand the deal can include the smart lock without the amazon cloud camera ?


This is set up in a more than confusing way. I actually need to replace a couple of deadbolts but I haven’t got any idea what it is am actually buying. It says to pick 2. I’m not sure what they mean. If you select the first one it’s replaced when you select the second one. It’s not like it allows you to actually pick two. Again it’s confusing and I have no idea what I’m getting here.


One item has to be the Amazon Cloud Cam/Cloud Cam Key Edition (*required) then pick one lock.

Here are Amazon choices and prices for comparison. Prices are Not 44% off.

Which do these locks have: Bluetooth, Zigbee or Z-wave?


Choose one item and place it in your cart.
Choose another item and place it in your cart


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Morning all. What we’re selling is a kit of the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) which works in conjunction with a smart lock, also available here in the color of your choice.

Put the dcam in your cart and then put the lock of your choice in the cart.

Want one without the other? Go for it. Just remember, the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) REQUIRES a compatible smart lock.

So if you select and add the d-cam that adds an additional $49.99 to the total. It is a bit misleading to advertise that the prices range from $34 to $99 (which is ONLY for the lock). If you take both as REQUIRED then you are up to $84 to $149. Pretty bogus.


Hi there. I get what you’re saying. Our site has limitations and that’s the way it automatically displays price ranges.

On the other hand, if you already have a smart lock, then all you need is the Amazon Key Cloud Cam.

They can be purchased separately.

So what is my out of pocket costs for the kit (both items) $99 or $149 for the top version. I apologize for being dense.

So I can buy the lock without the cam? Will the cam work without the lock and without key service? In other words, will it just work with wifi and a phone app?

If you just want a cam with an app, there are other and probably cheaper options out there. Amazon Cloud Cam for example.

It’s too early for me to do math but it’s $49.99 for the cam plus the amount for the lock of your choice.

False advertising! Since the Key Cam is required and it’s $49, there is no option less than that. Then you add the lock for at least $35, making the minimum $85.

I think Woot has jumped the shark… again.


If you purchased the Yale Assure Touchscreen Deadbolt, you will also need to purchase the zigbee/zwave adapter which is an additional cost based on my research.

So, the ‘key’ selling point (pun intended) is that you can have in-home delivery, but if I did that I’d also have to disable my home alarm.

The good thing is I wouldn’t have to worry about being notified…I would definitely know the package had been delivered when the alarm company calls me…lol

So I’ve read all the comments here, and I can’t quite understand a clear answer.

Can we buy just a lock without the cam, and will the locks function without the cam? All I want is the $35 Kwikset Convert.