Amazon Pay not working

I have been logging in with amazon since it started on Woot and have never had any problems - now all of a sudden it is showing that I have “No Payment Method on File” - how can I fix this?

Hi there.

App or Website?

Try logging out of Woot & Amazon and then log back in to Woot using the Login with Amazon button.

Have you tried deleting cookies?

Let me know.

Edit: Oh and make sure 3rd party cookies (e.g. Amazon & Woot) are allowed. Browsers have been updating and locking down on 3rd party cookies recently.

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Website - bought stuff last month - no problem - but today, as I am trying to checkout with my BOC - PROBLEMS! :frowning: Finally went through Amazon and after about an hour reassigned the same card I have had assigned forever to work on all Amazon sites and I “think” I have it working again. :::UGH::: Ihave NO clue as to WHAT made it do this! :frowning:

Sorry for the hassle. I don’t have any idea either. Haven’t heard about any issues from others.

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This probably won’t help much, but def check your adblocker if you have one. A few months ago, the Amazon tax payment portal was blocked.