Amped Wireless Titan - High Power AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

Why do manufactures insist on just 4 lan ports? I upgraded my Asus 66 to a 88. 8 ports vs 4. I had been using a 16port switch for a good while but some devices I wanted to hook directly to the router vs switch. I have some home monitoring devices that don’t play well with too many hops to get out onto the Internet. I would have waited for a ROG Rapture Wireless-AC5300 but not ready to drop 500 bucks on a WiFi router. I’ll wait till the bugs are worked out and they drop about 20%.

No OpenWRT support (no LEDE either) so not interested. Too bad, looks impressive otherwise.

Thanks for the info! Its always my first question “DD-WRT or OPENWRT support?”

So guys…hi :slight_smile: umm your tech talk…I’m so lost, have no idea what OPENWRT means. Would any of you mind cluing me in. Please I’m interested in this item but now not sure if I should purchase it. I would greatly appreciate any insight.
Clueless electronic babe

Open-WRT and DD-WRT are both firmware that replaces stock firmware. In some cases this will give you more function with your router. If you don’t know what they are I wouldn’t worry about if this was compatible since you most likely wont use the advance options. On the flip side I’ve never heard of this router brand so I can’t comment if this is a good buy.

I just bought this off of woot…does not extend as far as it is advertised. Didnt go much farther then my oem verizon fios.

Uh oh! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report this problem.

We apologize if the unit is not performing to your expectations. The coverage of the unit was rated per test results in our testing facility but results will vary as WIFI is environmental. Please call our free US based tech support so that we can address your issue and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this product.

Amped Wireless Tech Support

Bought one on a whim, and I couldn’t be happier! The gigabit LAN is very nice, and the the 5ghz band is about 3 times faster than my previous AP.
The user interface is nice and allows making multiple changes before applying them all.
Only one week in, but I am impressed.