Analog Roasters Coffee, 2 Pack

Analog Roasters Coffee, 2 Pack

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Love it, I have had coffee from them before…Super good coffee.

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If these r 14 bucks each on their website then what type of woot special is this… Or is woot now advertising crap…

from the website there is hella shipping costs

I couldn’t even find their website! Anyone know if this is fresh roasted (has a roasted on date)?

Can someone help me? I have read through the literature - is this ground coffee or coffee beans? The label talks about how to grind it for optimal flavor --but I wanted to make sure it is beans.Thanks!

Is it any good? Do you love it?

How’s the shipping costs?

Whole bean, farmer direct, fluid air bed roasted to order!!!

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wholebean! sorry about confusion

roasted to order always and only!

Whole bean?

Something tells me one cannot consume within the prescribed fifteen days of roasting,v at least when ordered from woot

yessir, wholebean…if ya need it ground it could certainly be done

We will roast after all orders are in up to the max amount of orders and ship same weekend. Your coffee will be fantastically fresh when you recieve it.

Its super smooth and amazing…if you havent had fluid bed roasted coffee you should!

Shipping included…sorry, missed this question earlier.

Hello! Thank you for joining us today!

Is the right link? Doesn’t look like same packaging and this Woot coffee is from St. Paul, MN. Anyone with correct website link?