Annual woot awards?


back at ya, kiddo.




I don’t there’s as many smilies as there used to be. Where’s a cop when you need one?




I have already bestowed a “Neo” award to NJguitarGod on v8r’s screen name thread.
This would be like a Golden Globe Oscar for the “real” woot awards, I guess.
Who’s on the committee?
Who do I need to give the blingy gift bags to?

Eventually, woot will have made so much money that they’ll HAVE to fly people in for a woot PW convention/awards show. The employees are probably getting tired of the caviar and Cristal every Friday.


Will they look at amount of postings to see who gets to ride first class on the Woot jet?


You know that plane is making stops in NY, Boston, DC and Cincy, my beekeepin’ sista.


Wouldn’t the woot jet be all first class?


I hope it will stop in NC, too!
D’name, I wonder if each seat will be at a cost of $5?


nope, r e f u r b




Most likely to succeed and prom king: no1


opps, swore I put an n instead of an m but either way it fits :wink:


lord v8r, you got me there.


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! And a lay over in Innuendo City…


Hi Ms. Time. Feeling better yet?


Getting there, yes…as my sister said, “the barn door is closed.”


Good thing… my aim is good enough to hit one!


or we could be biggest pervs…most likely to fight with each other, most likely to have sex in public (just me and bro d on that one), most probation (again bro d and me) 1000 each plus alt ID at the same time…so many to choose from :slight_smile:

luckily we keep off woot now… sort of… woot still gets our $$$