Leave my post alone!!!


Jeeez just minutes after posting in a forum titled " Everything Goes" I was burned for spamming. So this is my second post and i wish it to be left alone. Read it or not your choice. Anyways who want to earn some bling bling so you can afford these woots. I’m dead serious about this. email me email address removed .I think you will be justed as happy as when woot came in your life. anyone else go play the word game n leave this alone. happy wooting.


I realize you are new. I was in the middle of messaging you to explain why your first thread was against the rules, when you went and started a duplicate thread .

Please take the time to read the "What is woot"Link, at the top of the page and familiarize yourself with the rules…specifically "What is not allowed in the community?"Link

Also, in the News Forum, Jason Toon’s “Noise Reduction” thread Link will give it to you straight.

The community rules apply to ALL forums.


Thanks, Gimma.


Cruzer, told you it would be Gimma, she always finds these guys fast!

But did you delete the whole thread? Just wondering.


Why do you ask? Do you still see some posts from the original thread? We used to have a “Delete Thread” link, but the codeslaves have been making improvements and the link vanished. Hit "delete post"on the o.p., figuring as the mother post, it would take the rest w/ it, but blahblahblah… So? Do you see posts from the previous thread? THANKS!

eta- At times, my ADD is good for stuff like this. I’m all over the place and quickly, too, so I tend to run into stuff, good and bad, lol.


Don’t said on another thread that you don’t play anymore. Take some time, Gimma.


No, I found him first, then cruzer. I told the guy you would find him and if he was legit he could stay. Then the whole thing was gone.

Come play, we miss you. I’ve hardly ever talked to you.


Aaw, thanks for noticing, poof and don’t, hehe.


OOooooh, trust me, I play, lol.

I have a lot going on, atm, but I always make time for playing…and for regular flybys of woot.



i thought he was going to be saying something like:

We don’t need no moderation
We don’t need no post control
No dark sarcasm in the forums
Moderators, leave those posts alone
Hey, vol-mods!
Leave those posts alone!

All in all your just a-nother post in the wall
All in all your just a-nother post in the wall


Nice, jqubed!!
(aka Pink Floyqubed)


How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!


If you don’t make any posts, you can’t be a postwhore?
How can you be a postwhore if you don’t make any posts?


jqubed pm


it is eat your meat?..it always sounded like how can you have any pudding if you don’t kick your feet…Which never made any sense, Of course I could have seen if the liner notes had the words…
no looking it up on the internet back then


Yes, it’s eat your meat.


Damn, and I always thought it was “if you dont beat your meat” which in a pervered sort of way makes sense , I wont elaborate.


Hence the ‘xxx’ in your name. Can’t say you didn’t warn us.


my CD liner notes has them… they’re just illegible… but this site has all the lyrics: http://www.ludopetri.nl/


Wow, lyrics to all things Floyd…where was this when I needed it?

Thanks jqubed!!!

This can keep me happy for days!!!
Now where are the albums, and do I still know how to work the turntable?