How to Post in the NEW Woot Community!



If you missed the introduction to the forums, head over here and check it out.

Let’s get started. Just click on a section title to go there.

Adding a Post (Reply) in a Thread
Adding Links to Your Post
Adding Images, GIFs, and Videos has Never Been Easier!!
Deleting your own Posts!!
Creating a New Topic (Thread)
Sending and Reading Private Messages
Using Member Pages
Reporting (Tattling) on Posts
Bookmark your Favorite Topics or Posts

Adding a Post (Reply) in a Thread

To add a post to an existing thread (now called topics), you can reply to:

  • The main topic of the thread by clicking the Button_Reply_small button ~or~

  • A specific post by clicking on the gray image button immediately under the post you’re replying to.

With either method, the next thing you’ll see is a nice friendly text box where you can start typing your words of wisdom:


Once you’re happy with your masterpiece and you’re ready to post it to the thread, click the Reply button below the text box. It’s that easy. Oh, and if you changed your mind, you can click Cancel and pretend nothing happened.

Helpful Tip: If you want more room to view your masterpiece, you can enlarge the window by dragging the green bar above the post text box:

All About the Textbox Toolbar
You probably noticed a number of icons on the toolbar for the textbox. Here’s a handy-dandy guide to the ones you’ll use the most. Others will be covered in other How to articles.

Desktop: If ever you forget, you can hover over the icon and a tip bubble will remind you what it does.

image Quote the Entire Post - The new Woot Community forums no longer automatically quote entire posts. This prevents those long quoted posts you probably hated in the old forums. However, if you feel the quote is needed for context, click this icon and the post you are replying to will be added to your post.

image Bold Text (CTRL-B) - Also called “Strong”, this will bold the text you select or you can click it before you start typing the text you want bold. The text to be shown in bold will show ** before and after the text. Remember, everything between the set of ** will be shown as bold.

image Italic Text (CTRL-I) - Formats text you select to italic or you can click it before you start typing the text you want to italicize. The text to be shown as italic will show a _ before and after the text. Remember, everything between the set of _ will be shown as italic.

image Hyperlink (CTRL-K) - This lets you easily add a hyperlinked text in your post.

image Upload - Use this button to upload an image from your computer or a URL for an image for upload and adding to your post.

This will get you started on the basics of posting in the new Woot Community with style. Have fun and tell us what you think.

Adding Links to Your Post

If you want to add a link to your post, it's as easy as copy and pasting it into your post. It will automatically be shown as a link. In some cases, you may see a preview of the page within your post.


If you want to add a link to some text like this link to Woot, we’ve got you covered there too. Simply use the image button to show the Insert Hyperlink dialog box:


Paste the URL in the top text box and the text you want linked in the bottom text box. For example, in this sentence, the link goes to Woot. Here’s what the dialog box looked like:


You can also select the text you want to link and then click the Hyperlink button. The text you selected will be added to the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

Note: If your link is showing a preview and you want to show the link instead, use the </> button to paste the URL as preformatted text.

Adding Images, GIFs, and Videos has Never Been Easier!!

There are 3 basic ways to add images, including GIFs and videos, to your post.

  • Copy & Paste – One option is to copy the image or an image link address (URL) and paste it in your reply.
  • Drag & Drop – You can drag the image from your own computer or another website to your reply.
  • Upload Images Button – If you prefer, you can click on the icon_Upload icon and choose to upload an image from your device or via a URL from the Internet.

Note: URLs for the images must be an image type ending in .jpg, .png, .gif, etc. A URL ending in .html is a URL for the entire page and will not work to display an image. It will show only as a link. Often you can get the image URL by right-clicking on the image and selecting Copy Image Address/Link.

Since the first two are pretty self-explanatory, we’ll just review the Upload Images button:

Upload Images Button
The upload button (icon_Upload) on the toolbar lets you add an image by choosing it off your computer or device. You can also paste an image link. This method works well when you want to insert an image in the middle of a sentence like a smilie.

There are a few things to note about adding images to your posts:

  • Google Images Search: You can’t drag from the Google Images search window as the image does not exist there; they’re showing you images from other sites.
  • Imgur Search: Same for the Imgur search window for the same reason. Click through to the page showing the image. However, drag/drop will not work for MP4 movies from Imgur. You can copy/paste the URL though.
  • Images within a sentence or other text: You can’t drag an image inline with text - as in the middle of a sentence. To add an image, such as an emoji, in the middle of text, you can use the Upload Images button or surround the URL with image tags such as [img ]URL[ /img ] with no spaces

Deleting your own Post!!

It's here! It's finally here. You can delete your own post! Note that any posts that quoted you are not removed. To remove your post, find the toolbar underneath your post. It looks like this:


Click on the 3 dots and the tool bar expands to show a few more tools.


One is the trashcan tool image. Click on that to delete your post.

Creating a New Topic (Thread)

So you’re ready to start a new topic. Maybe you want to start a new game in Everything But Woot or ask a question in Mortimer and Monte’s Info Desk.

When you click into a category from the main page of the Woot forums, you will see a New Topic button on the top right:


Click that button and you will see the Create a new Topic text box:


You’ll notice that it looks very much like the dialog box you see when you reply to a post. The only difference is that you need to give your topic a useful title and tags (optional). When you’re ready, click the Create Topic button at the bottom. Your topic will be there for all to see and respond.

Sending and Reading Private Messages

You can still send and receive private messages (PM). To send a private message:
  • Click on the username of a post by that person. You’ll see a message button on the pop-out that appears ~or~

  • Go to the other person’s member page (see the next section). You’ll see a message button in the upper right

Either way, look for this button:

If you’ve received a private message, you’ll see an indicator next to your avatar in the upper-right corner, like this:


Click on your avatar and a tool bar drops down.

Click on the messages tool image to go to the page for private messages. From that page, you can read your messages, reply, archive, and more.

Using Member Pages

Every wooter has a personal member page. You can customize some aspects of your page. When viewing other's pages, you can view their profile and activity. On other's member pages, you can view information on their posts (activity) and their profile.

Your Member Page
You can view your own member page by clicking on your avatar in the upper-right corner and then clicking on your username. On your member page, you can view and customize it to fit your personality. You’ll start out on the Activity page. From there you can view and personalize your profile.

  • Activity – Shows your recent posts, replies, topics, and more.
  • Summary – Displays various stats, hot topics, etc.
  • Notifications – Shows replies to your posts, likes, mentions, and edits.
  • Messages – View and reply to private messages. You can also archive messages.
  • Preferences – View and customize your account info and what other people can see. This is the section where you can set your email and notifications preferences, add backgrounds to your profile page and member card.

Other’s Member Cards and Pages
When you click on a username in a post, you’re shown their member card which shows a few simple stats and bits of information if set by that member. For example:


If you click on their username on the member card, you’ll see their member page that shows more stats and activity. You can also send a private message from their member page.

Reporting (Tattling) on Posts

If you see an inappropriate post or spam, report the post so that a moderator can take care of it. To report a post, click on the … on the tool bar below the post. Before reporting on a post, please review our community FAQ and Guidelines.


The tool bar expands to show a couple more tools.

Click on the image to display the report dialog box:


Bookmark your Favorite Topics or Posts

You can set bookmarks for your favorite topics by clicking the image tool on the post toolbar.

To view your bookmarked pages, go to your own member page by clicking on your avatar in the top-right corner and then clicking on your username. On the next screen, you see Bookmarks on the menu to the left. Click on that to view your bookmarks.

That should get you started. This is a living document. I’ll update and correct it based on your feedback.

WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS - Tell us what you think!!!!!




Hey there Woot, Just a note to say how pleased I am with the new Energenic LED shop lights, They are awesome! I bought them to replace some old florescent lights in my barn. The old lights never came on bright when it is cold outside, but the LED lights come on bright right away when turned on during cold weather. You guys hit it out of the park with these lights. I hope you offer these lights again soon so I can order another set to finish brighten up the rest of my barn.

greybeard 67


So, is there no way to select a different forum username or change what is displayed? I’d rather not have my real name info forever in the forums – but I picked that username over a decade ago when there weren’t any forums to worry about. :slight_smile:

Can I change this somehow for the forums? I asked using the Woot Customer Service email and they said that I could just create a new account (and lose all of my past order and posting history) or ask “the forums mediator” if there was any other option. So – is there?



Sorry, the forums are tied to your Woot account. We’re unable to change usernames.


How happy are you with your long distance provider?


So, you must realize how bad this is, right? I mean, seriously – you have a forum system that was basically added long after some of us signed up. This used to just be my username, so I didn’t care that it had my personal information. Now you’ve introduced a forum system where everyone can see my real name when I post – and you haven’t even considered a way to not have those be permanently tied together?

This is just really bad business, IMO.


I understand. We haven’t added anything that shows the forums to more than before. Anyone could see it in the old forums as well.

Problem is that there are so many connecting parts between woot retail usernames and forum usernames. We’d probably blow up the universe if we tried.


You say that like that would be a bad thing. Who knows, it could be fun!


It COULD be fun! Besides, I could lose my last married name once and for all. Oh well. Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to use it in the first place.


I signed up in 2004. What I mean is that, back then, we didn’t have ongoing discussions about the products each day and such. (At least, not that I recall or could find in the Wayback Machine.) Your username was simply your username for the site for most people. Now, comments on the items are much more directly integrated into each item – so it matters a heck of a lot more than it did then.


Actually, now that I look more in the Wayback Machine to that era when I signed up, I see all kinds of forum names like “Shallow SoCal” and “Mike F” that would not be valid as usernames under the current system, right? You can’t have spaces in usernames, but they show up in the forums that way in 2004-2006 or so.

So, maybe something WAS different then?


Are you talking about the Wooterxxxxxxx names? We found that some people didn’t want to choose a name or they were confused by choosing a name so we assign one in those cases.