Annual Woot Awards



Most surly or annoying posts: no1


most hostility towards “old people”: no1


I love old people, Ms. D. Especially when ground into nutritious protein-rich wafers topped with cream cheese.

SILLINESS: Randomly quoted posts of no particular significance.
creepy people

Most likely to write a dystopian screenplay: no1


Is this a woot award thread, or a “give everything to no1 thread?” :slight_smile:

Most likely to get probated: kenney :slight_smile:


No1 thread.

Most likely to make innocent quotes seem dirty award: no1

Most likely to reference Star Trek: no1

Ok, you can have one too:

Most likely to incorporate a fish into a shirt design: SkekTek


Thank ya. You’ve come a long way since Legendairy, btw… Grats for holding 10th…


What was wrong with legendairy? I know it was extremely punny, but I thought it was ok. oh, and 10th is not holding… coffee mug is going to catch me unless the cheeseburger gets more attention. The mug has been in the hotness on and off all day. I guess 11th will do.


Nothing wrong with it, just commenting on the vote totals more than anything else…


Oh! I misunderstood you. Not that I would get all sensitive about it or anything, but yeah the vote total was miserable. I haven’t cracked the top 50 since my tie shirt until now. Watch me take a nose dive next week. I surely haven’t figured out the voters.

Most Likely to post directly after this comment: allawayr


Most likely to derail the Annual Woot Awards thread : Prof. Tek and Schrobblehead




oh, come on, now, it’s been days since I was on probation last! Weeks, practically!


I’d probation you if I could…say 10 minutes?


I can do that easy, and twice on Saturdays!

SILLINESS: Randomly quoted posts of no particular significance.

Ah, if only I hadn’t gone to class and had kept posting!


Best Photoshop Tutorials that I Wish Were Done With GIMP: jimiyo



Most disgusting suggested derby themes: no1. :tongue:



You mean old people…like over 50?

You are in such trouble mr1!