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Back in the day I could count on Woot to provide me with some funny, sarcastic and thought provoking tshirts. Over the last 2 years or so I haven’t purchased one. Because they suck! They are either some artsy painting type shirt, some obscure reference to something no one knows, Star Wars or something about a cat! WTF are you doing over there? Now I’m not taking anything away from the artist that create these garbage tshirts. It’s really nice that your napkin doodle made it to a T-shirt but c’mon. Get back to the shirts that made this site popular in the first place. Maybe Amazon smacked you down like a crack ho, I don’t know but nowadays your shirts suck ass. I’ve actually included a chart to show all of you about the shirts from Woot.

they suck! […]
garbage tshirts[…]
your napkin doodle[…]
smacked you down like a crack ho[…]
your shirts suck ass[…]




Thank you, sir. May I have another?

Actually back in the day, there were MANY artistic style shirts but hey, it’s not for everyone. What’s popular comes and goes.

The best thing you can do is vote in the derby for the one you want. Maybe it will win.

Amazon has nothing to do with the designs we sell.

And thank you for the feedback.


I miss your old charts. Back in the good old days when they were better. Not to insult you, but your chart is terrible. Your chart is like fine garbage. It lacks creativity and popularity. I’ve seen more talent from addicts.


A lot of these shirts are voted on by members in the derby. If you want to see the designs you like then vote. Or, better yet, create your own designs and submit them. And, uh…

Really? It kinda sounds like you are doing exactly what you say you aren’t.

We all have our own tastes and some of us really like a lot of the designs being put out there. While your tastes may vary, it doesn’t mean it’s all garbage, it’s just different.

People work hard on the designs they submit. You are free to not like them but at least have some (actual) respect for their efforts. If I were one of the designers (I’m not), I would take your comments as a total slap in the face. Not cool, dude.


@izzyforeal might I suggest this design? I’m currently wearing it and it’s on sale for $10!


I think the chart should be made into a shirt. Can we have a chart/graph Derby @Lady5tark?


Sucks… That’s like saying good job… Not helpful
Do you know how many artists left woot because the designs consistently picked by the voters have changed so much? Designs that would have dominated 10 years ago can’t even pull a dozen votes today.
Don’t be mad at woot. Don’t be mad at the artists.
Be mad at yourself. The derbies are so low in votes, that if you have a significant social presence, or a large family, you could swing the winning design every. single. week.

So… promote your favorite. Send out emails, post it on your FB page, tell your friends… Whatever…
or not… whatever.


Well, that audience for “overly chibified dreck” has moved on too, so.

I believe that even 13 years later, there are plenty of Wooters who don’t realize that the shirt.woot derby exists to provide them the very power to choose which designs they like.

For everyone that complains about yet another catshirt … purrhaps your vote for a non-catshirt would have countered against those who voted for them.



Sounds like in the past 2 years you haven’t bought a shirt because you’ve been away from the internet. So here’s a quick update:

  1. Don’t f* with cats 2. Star Wars has made a huge resurgence and continues to increase its fan base. That being said, I haven’t seen it but that doesn’t mean I’m entitled to throw a fit because a lot of people like it. And they like it a lot.

Normally, if you want to persuade people to do things you suggest it in a nice way. You know, make a topic suggestion. See if people are interested, gauge feedback. Not so much make a you suck chart.

Let’s just keep it 100. If you want an incel shirt, just say it. Sheesh.

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We already had that with derbies #16 and #293.

Too soon for another one?

I love that!

I understand your point but that’s my point. There are so few votes because the shirts are all dumb. Who wants to pick the prettiest ugly girl like I did when I got married. If I see another freakin cat shirt or some Star Wars reference that makes sense to like 12 people I’m gonna snap.

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Occasionally they actually have a great shirt. The two attached shirts were available in February of 2020, which I purchased. That a year of checking the app every day. C’mon man.

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The app? You can’t see all the shirts on the stupid app.

I went back to version 1.0.1830 (from 2015) of the app.

I didn’t know they had an app in 2015.

(Neither did they.)