One Eye Finkster


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Want this craziness tomorrow? Get it at this here link!


This shirt grosses me out! Sorry woot, but no thanks!


ROFLMAO this is funny! Kinda looks like he got caught in a wind tunnel. Awesome work, Anchovy


Thats terrible. Design is placed very strangely on the shirt and the actual graphics just look weird. I would never wear this.


scary, now i’m going to have bad dreams:::::


sweet I’m always in need of a shirt that’s awkwardly repulsive in any social situation


Reminds me of old stussy designs.
And by ‘old’ I mean like, 15 years old.

No thanks.


hummm… not the best shirt in the world but i need some shirts… and for $10 i will give it a try. see what the people say.

i really do not know what to say???


woa. too crazy for me, xD
i like the funny write up, especially what “this shirt tell sthe world” hah


I like that the skull on the dude’s shirt is a cyclopes too.


What is this? Hideous shirt week? We went from cool Poe shirts and literary stuff to… swirly colors and floppy eyeballs? This is better then the bear shirt from the Spring theme derby how?


I enjoy that the art is not placed right in the center of the shirt. I simply could not wear this myself, but if I got it on a random shirt buy, I have a friend or two that would probably love it. Good artwork!


Wow, what an offbeat, oddball shirt…great design! I bet this one will do well.


Oh, I got moderated? That’s a bummer. I was just editing my post to add this:

Note that I think the art is talented, I just don’t like the work. Nice design elements like the placement and the frame around the character tell me this artist probably has some other pretty cool works.


yeah, it’s a little too deep end for me. Kinda gross


The design is mediocre and I don’t like it on olive. It might look better on black


Haha I love it!

I don’t really like the centering on it, but still a great shirt


wow, i have this 5 dollar coupon im itchin to burn…and so far nothin at all i’d even take for 5 bucks instead of 10…


not for me, thanks… too gross looking for a t-shirt. i might doodle it during lecture though. congrats to the designer no less!