Green Eggs and Who

Dr Who-euss?

Not a big surprise…Blue box and a fox. A win combo.

That’s it. I can’t take this site anymore. Thanks for a fun seven years, Woot.

What does the fox say…?

Sorry, just couldn’t help it… (evil grin)

Technically you could eat them anywhere. #tardis

See, even the fox is too smart to eat green ham.

Was the ham green in the book? I thought only the eggs were green.


I’m starting to get this feeling too. In my opinion, 2014, so far, has been a complete and utter disaster for good quality shirts. Few have been amusing, a couple have even been clever, but the vast majority have been shirts that I would never get caught dead in. Plus, they seeming refuse to do any white shirts, a pet peeve of mine…

The only ones I have liked so far this year are:

Essential Element

Nature’s Harmony

Trust Me!

Aww, Oda beat me. I’m sure to hear about this at Wild Nights. Bah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Figured that there was no way that this one could lose. Such a deadly combo of things people here like. Congrats on the print!

I agree. Please, can we go a month without a TARDIS or a cutesy animal? Let’s get back to cool shirts that you can wear in public.

If you all have a major issue about the shirts that are being sold, why don’t you enter your clever, “worthy of outside wear” shirt ideas!

Ahh! My favorite book as a child and one of my favorite shows as an adult, all on one shirt!

Disappointed. The “Party With the Donners” entry was amazing, and I would have bought that in a heartbeat. Everything that seems to be winning the derbies are little animals that have the same look regardless of which artist draws them.

Enough with the foxes! (Also, can I get a custom print of that Donner shirt?)

Talk about sour lemons…

I agree with Brooke, you don’t like it, then go design the next great thing.

Omit the fox and you would have had my order.

Omit the fox and it wouldn’t have been Seuss. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: