Apple 13.3" i7 Macbook Air (Early 2014)

It I put in my own SSD will I be able to download OSX from the apple site?

Potentially? Viper29567 points it out below, but you might be able to use Internet Recovery to restore the OS if you buy a compatible 3rd party SSD:

The next ideal situations for this product would be if you already had this laptop, but it was damaged and you swapped the SSD from one to the other…or if you were able to purchase an SSD with the Mac OS software pre-installed.

I’m sure there are other ways to get the software, but these would be the most ideal scenarios.

Seems like a lot of hassle for $700 :smiley: What would be great is, a method to get ChromeOS on there! Woop. (weird screen resolution, BIOS, bla bla)

If you put in your own SSD you can boot into Internet Recovery mode and install the OS directly from Apple. No hassle:

Sounds promising. Thanks for the info…TIL

So basically, for $700 you get a beat to crap MBA and THEN you get to supply your own SSD for it. What the heck, woot?

Just a heads up for anyone considering this: The mid-2013 Air and Pro SSD technology only just became available through OWC. It’s still quite expensive, starting at ~$350 for a 480Gb drive alone. This is almost twice the price of third party drives for previous models.

I’ve reloaded the OS on a ,ac somany times this would’ve easy. To bad I’m not in the market for one. SSDs are always on sale now. I swapped the original HD for a SSD in my 2011 MBP and it gave it new life.

Sounds like an off lease school program MacBook. I think I would pass… Woot you need to discount more or add enough equipment to make it a good deal.
Mac Book Air refurb with 1 year warranty and only cost only 759 from Apple directly for 2014 or 2015 release…

Consider that the Refurb from MAC is 11 inch and i5 so still not so bad deal from Woot!

A 256mb ssd that works with this mack book air is about 200 (new). any source for used ones besides ebay? Still seems high when all said and done.

cuz apple…!

Definitely keep this in mind if you are thinking about buying one of these. Since this adds $350 to the cost of this Air it makes this not really a deal at all, especially since these are scratch and dent models.

You’re kidding, right? This is a late April Fool’s joke?

Haha, you almost had me Woot! :wink:

As far as I know, there’s no way to open up a Macbook Air to install a drive…

$679.99 is a little steep for a paper weight.

Completely untrue. Well, not really – it’s true that you don’t know, but it’s not true that they can’t be opened. In fact, they’re terribly easy to open. I just upgraded the SSD in my wife’s MBA a few weeks ago and it took no more than five minutes start to finish (not including the time to clone the original drive, obviously).

FWIW, there’s a link in the yellow box (right above the list of key features) on this item’s Woot page that explains exactly how to go about replacing the drive. :slight_smile:

I’ve got that beat. Here’s one brand new for only $149:

Aside from being completely different, it’s exactly the same for a lot less money! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks! I had no idea! I was under the impression that everything is glued in now and designed to break if you try to upgrade it…I guess I COULD make a decent little Windows laptop out of it!

IMO this is a HUGE rip off, like sometimes when Amazon (parent company) sells something cheaper than Woot, but its brand new. As posted above, you cannot put in a generic SSD so the price looks very unattractive. I would even say Woot are misleading by saying “Just add an SSD” because it has to be a pretty special SSD. Cmon. Woot, honesty in advertising please.