Apple 24" iMac M1 8x8 Core 256GB (2021)

Apple 24" iMac M1 8x8 Core 256GB (2021)

Does this “Factory Reconditioned” unit actually ship with the genuine Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID & Magic Mouse?

Many reviews say this is incorrect and not accurately represented by the offer on Woot.


Are these eligible for additional AppleCare warranty coverage?

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Any details on who actually did the refurbishing, i.e. was it Apple itself? And is the one year warranty through Apple or anyone else? Doubt the question will be answered as so far the first one has gone unanswered.

Hi there, the below is a link to the Woot item condition glossary.

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This is from the specs:

Should be. They come with a 1y Apple warranty.

Factory reconditioned items are refurbished by the manufacturer or someone they designate.

Just got this delivered. Brand new imac with keyboard and mouse. I see 1 year warranty activated as soon as i signed in.


Can the RAM be upgraded?

No. Apple has the memory integrated on the CPU itself.

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