Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablets

Refurbished directly from Apple is cheaper…

But they’re sold out of the 11" right now didn’t realize. But 64gb 11" from apple is $550

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Yeah, I think it depends which storage size refurb. Seems like 256 and below apple wins (can use to track next availability) 512 and above woot wins. It’s worth noting that apple replaces battery and outer shell. Amazon is a wildcard (sometimes lower, sometimes higher).

  • 64gb= 650 woot, 550 apple
  • 256gb= 750 woot, 680 apple
  • 512gb=830 woot, 850 apple
  • 1tb= 950 woot, 1020 apple