Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

Why are the screen size options 6.1 and 6? Only one of those is valid.

For reference: This Woot iPhone 13 deal, used, with 90-day Woot warranty and 85% battery health vs… Still sold new, from Apple with 1-year Apple and new battery:

128GB: $600… $699 (+$99)
256GB: $660… $799 (+139)
512GB: n/a… $999

Smartphone technology has largely matured. For most average users, the real world difference between the iPhone 11, 12, 13, & 14 is very small. If you really need/want a newer model, be sure you know exactly why. The iPhone 13 & 14 are virtually identical, for the first time even sharing the same generation cpu (A15), a first for Apple phone generation changes.

If you’d prefer a smaller screen, the otherwise identical iPhone 13 mini (5.4 inch vs 6.1 inch) is still sold brand new by Apple for $599 (subtract $100 from each of the above full size iPhone 13 new prices for different storage sizes).

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