Apple iPhone 7 128GB (AT&T Only)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 7 128GB (AT&T Only)(S&D)

If this was a Plus, I would have jumped for it.

I hope to be lucky and not getting a faulty one,
crossing fingers.

can this be unlock to be used with any carrier, I mean, it says AT&T, but can it be freed

You might be able to contact AT&T and ask them to unlock it. If it’s no longer attached to an active account they may agree and do it.

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Why are they still locked to AT&T?
If I can’t get AT&T to unlock it will you accept it back?
Does this lock-out the NVMO’s that use AT&T equipment?
If it can be unlocked, what companies will it work with then?
Will you send everyone that buys one a personal unlock code so they can use it unlocked?
When you have some spare time, can you also send me the correct numbers for the lottery this weekend?

How is the battery health on these things? Has the battery been replaced? Is there a minimum percentage of Maximum Capacity as measured in the Battery Health in Settings?


Looks like trade-in in the Apple store is $140. That’s the base for an Apple cash card. Often there are promos where you get a higher amount towards a new phone.

Also the iPhone7 will be able to get the new iOS 13 coming in a few months. After that (the 2020 update, whatever it is) it’s not clear. Generally older models drop off of support after about 4-5 years. The phone would continue to work after that but might not be able to get the latest feature updates and run all apps.

By the way all these phones (in addition to being stated as “locked” to AT&T) will be GSM-only*. As of iPhone 7 and 8, most had different models so some were GSM and there was a different model for CDMA (Verizon, Sprint.) As of the last generation or two, most US iPhones have both GSM and CDMA built-in.

  • From the lists I could find, the Red appears to be a different model and might be GSM + CDMA.

Unfortunately the Woot description does not give us the actual model #s, just the general specs. The model #s are unique for each color/memory/cellular-bands, and factory-unlocked or not.


If you’re not under contract, I’m pretty sure they are now legally required to unlock it. I might be wrong though…

Is this a North American version of the phone or is it some other country version?

Heck my 6s plus still works great.

RE future iOS updates and iOS 13…

Actually, even the iPhone SE/6s (same functional performance innards as each other) will get iOS 13. After that, they’re less likely to get updates.

So, given Apple history, it is a very safe bet that he iPhone 7 will get iOS 14 unless that iOS has major new functionality (unlikely since smartphone technology has largely matured).

Apple’s active and long duration OS update support of its older devices (importantly, independent and in spite of mobile carriers) for many years is a key benefit to Apple mobile devices. (That in ‘spite of mobile carriers’ bit is a big part of why Verizon initially refused to allow Apple devices on its network for years.)

Since AT&T owns Cricket, does anyone know if these are clear for use with Cricket? Thanks

Have these phones been checked against the CTIA (mobile industry) stolen phone database?

…and are these phones certified no-water damage? Apple won’t do even out of warranty work like battery or screen replacement on a water damaged phone.

Anyone buying one of these phones, before even setting it up, I’d go to an Apple store and have them run a (free) diagnostic on it, including checking for water damage.

(Once you’ve updated it to iOS 12, you can go to the battery settings to check the battery health %.)

Pretty tough to get that info in advance for the specific device they ship you.

But note, Apple will replace an iPhone SE/6s thru iPhone 8 battery for $49.

(Their fee for an X-series iPhone is $69.)

They sometimes have “promos” (acknowledged out of warranty issues) in the store, so checking is worth it.

The advantage of having Apple do the battery replacement is they will replace your phone if they screw up your old phone. But note they don’t touch phones that have water damage. (The phone has indicators.)

This is locked to AT&T.

So you can go on shady ebay and pay a dude to unlock it for you as well. Though AT&T is likely to be cracking down on this because of the whole malware thing that happened.

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The description appears to have been conveyed to us from beyond the grave:

“True Story: I was playing Exodus: Ultima III on my family’s Apple IIe right after the pool and got electrocuted…”

I don’t see how AT&T could possibly crack down on that. The phone isn’t under their control, and neither is the shady ebay dude.

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