Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB (NEW, Unlocked)

Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB (NEW, Unlocked)

I was a long time Android user and swore I would never switch to Apple. After years of being the only one in my immediate and extended family not having an iPhone, I swallowed my pride and last year bought an iPhone XS Max. I absolutely love this phone! I paid about $200 less for a used one (pristine condition) through another website. This is a great price for a new one on Woot, especially with 512GB of storage.

Since this is new, is it eligible for AppleCare?

…and for those wanting 75% (my opinion) of this for a small fraction of this cost, you can get a new SE over at the Wal Market ;), if you are ATT&T or Verizon up-gradable, starting at $200. (Yes, I know its got a much smaller screen…and it also will work with one hand, and actually fits in my pants!)

I’m sure I sound like the year 1986 here, but why does anyone need 512GB on a phone?

I said the same thing about the 10MB and the whopping 20MB hard drives back then though…

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$600 less than a new 11 Pro Max with 512 GB.
Obviously the XS Max has some fewer features than the 11 Pro Max, but if you don’t need them this isn’t a bad deal.

Personally, I’m going hold off on upgrading until there’s a 5G-capable iPhone (12 Pro?) and stick with my 2.5-year-old OG iPhone X for now.

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I used to think the same thing until my daughter got her iPhone X (512GB) 2 years ago. She has several full length movies, YouTube videos, music albums, games (with HD graphics) and pictures and now she only has around 180GB left on her phone.

Hi there. It should be but the final call is up to Apple. Customers from our previous new iPhone offer were able to purchase AppleCare.

The 512GB pops up just after I order the 256GB XS Max. :confounded:

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Does it come with a SIM or do you need to get from carrier?

Hello. You’ll get the SIM from your carrier.

I know right??? Even the gold color that I wanted but wasn’t able to get. And only $50 more. Growl.

what comes in the box?

Hi there. That’s on the specs tab:

In the Box:

  • Apple iPhone XS MAX (Fully Unlocked)
  • Lightning Cable
  • Wall Adapter
  • EarPods with Lightning Connector

Thanks. No headphone adapter?

No. Not sure when apple stopped including it. My iPhone 11 didn’t come with one.

Edit: Looks like they stopped in late 2018.

Ok, am I missing something? I don’t see Spectrum listed in the approved carrier list. Does Spectrum have another name for their service? Please chime in.