Apple Watch Series 5 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 5 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Former Apple employee, 20 year Apple enthusiast, but I’ve never worn a watch.

I’ve now wooted three of these S&D Apple Watches (1 Series 5 for myself, 2 Series 3 as gifts) and while it’s really great to have a smartwatch, I have not been delighted with these units.

They have all been refurbished from moderate to severe physical damage (metal filled and buffed, glass buffed) but the refurbishing isn’t top-notch. Candidly, it isn’t even middle-notch; in other words, I doubt the folks refurbishing these would be excited to receive them as gifts.

When I ordered the two Series 3 units, I picked out one 38mm silver with white band and one 42mm space gray with black band. They both arrived space gray with black bands.

I reported this to Woot — and they were super responsive and helpful. They gave me three options: send it back, wait 2-3 weeks for a silver/white one, or take $15 off.

(It’s super worth mentioning that the bands are not original. In fact, they’ve all been the same cheap knock-off silicone bands, and they’ve all had a faint oily residue on them. The chargers are not OEM, either — but I’ve tested them and they’ve all provided the same wattage as the stock ones.)

I’m not sure about the battery capacity remaining on the two I gave as gifts — but the one I bought for myself started with 86% out of the box. Sadly, that’s not enough to get through the day on factory settings for me. My parents (on their gifted Series 3s) haven’t complained… yet.